Help please! Image changes color on import

Hello! I installed newest version of Sketchup (Pro2021) and I noticed when I’m importing, making textures it changes the colour. It makes it greener no matter which one I try. In the screenshot you can see the image preview in windows folder and imported into Sketchup as a texture. I haven’t done anything to it and it’s so much greener. Any help would be much appreciated,

Maybe Steve’s idea is helpful.

Especially if the image uses the CMYK space, results might not be consistent. Post the image if you can. Of course monitor settings might matter too. Does pushing the “Reset Color” button do anything? Does the texture look different both in the thumbnail and in the model?

This is different Skp model side by side with material texture on my PC where I imported it from:

And this is the model with a problem:

Clicking Reset Color or Colarize does nothing.

That’s the image file

Can you put the original image into a ZIP file and upload that so the forum software doesn’t convert it? (6.7 MB)

This is what Photoshop tells me when I open the image:
The image uses CMYK colour space. The idea of CMYK is to ensure that it is printable in a colour printing process, but otherways it has a smaller gamut and bigger file size than RGB.

I think what you are seeing is related to SketchUp’s downsampling of the image. The original image exceeds SketchUp’s max image/texture size. In an image editor I changed the resolution to 96 px/in. and imported that. In the screen shot below is your original image imported as a texture. In the middle, the 96 px image I saved, on the right, your original image opened in the Windows Photos app.

There’s really no benefit in importing high res images into SketchUp even if there’s no change in color. They will get downsampled anyway but the original image file will bloat the SketchUp model.

How much, depends on your settings and graphics card. The image is 5117 pixels high. If you have the “Use maximum texture size” OpenGL feature enabled, depending on the card, 4096 might be supported.

Here’s my version: Switched to RGB, reduced height to 4096 pixels, saved in medium quality.

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This is great! Thank you so much everyone! I learned something new and will know what to do in the future in similar situations. Really appreciate your help!
Happy holidays all :slight_smile: