SketchUp 2019 Won't Load Extensions."Known Issue with No Solution"

I have been using SU2019 plus several extensions (free and paid) for months without issue. Then one Monday morning, I started SU and none of my extensions loaded at startup. I noticed in the extension manager all plugins where listed but grayed out.

So I try reinstalling one of the extensions then ALL extensions come back, and the list of extension in the manager is no longer grayed out. If I close SU and reopen the same issue repeats.

I reported this problem to my employer’s IT dept. They have been working with Trimble directly and this is what they’re final response was.

“We closed your plugin ticket because there is currently no fix or work around for the plugin issue. We have contacted Sketchup and this issue is a known problem. Sketchup did provide their best practices for working around the issue, this work around does not resolve the problem. We have been notified by SketchUp that once the issue is resolved they would be in contact with us.”

So my question to the community is…Is this true? Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Sounds like it could be a permissions issue. Are you able to install software or does IT have to do it.
If you can, find the SU2019 installation files, the one you would have downloaded, probably in your downloads folder, or download a fresh copy.
Select it, right click on it and choose Run As Administrator. When given the option select Repair.
This should repair your installation without changing settings etc.

It sounds like there is a clash between some IT policy/practice and how SketchUp manages extensions. Please realize that there has been no change to SketchUp 2019 (SketchUp never installs updates behind the scenes). If it was working and ceased, this must be due to something you or your IT department changed. We see a lot of reports of issues on this forum when SketchUp isn’t installed correctly, though I don’t recall hearing of your specific problem.

Ya I can do my own installs. I (and our IT) have uninstalled, reinstalled, even followed Support suggestion to clean up any traces of SU and plugins. The funny thing is it used to all work.

But did you install as I said by Right click and Run as Admin?

Yes of course. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing something changed on our end because it used to work.

Are you running everything locally or over a server?

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Software installed locally and opening files locally and from a server

Are you allowing all extensions to run regardless of their signed/unsigned etc. status?

What was the extension in question? Perhaps it had an issue.

Yes, all extensions are signed from both Ext Warehouse and SketchUcation. I thought it could be an extension gone rogue. After a clean install of SU (plus cleaning up any traces SU or extensions in the registry per support recommendation), I installed one from ext warehouse that was signed and I still had the same problem.

See my response to Anssi. Thx

Thanks for everyone’s input! I know your trying to help.

What I would really like is to confirm if this is REALLY a know issue or is my IT dept feeding me nonsense. If someone from SU/Trimble could respond.

Thank you.

Part of the problem may have to do with the fact your are on Win 7 or something happened to the OS installation.

Considering there don’t seem to be any other reports of this sort of behavior, I would be inclined to think it has something to do with the operating system or some sort of changes made by your IT department. Trimble wouldn’t single you out for this kind of thing even if they wanted to do something to make extensions not work, which the obviously don’t want to do.

This is a new laptop that came with win 10 installed. Plus I had SU 2019 working fine for months.

Your profile needs to be updated. Does 2019 still work?

My profile? Yes SU 2019 has always worked just my extensions wont load at startup.

Incorrect and incomplete.

They are speaking of your forum profile (which stills indicates your OS as Win7.)

However, speaking of profiles, sometimes extension issues have weird issues if the Windows User profile account gets corrupted.

A simple test is to create a new “Test” account on the machine, and see if that account can load extensions.