Finding my extensions from SU2017

I have recently begun using SU2018 and all of my extensions (plug-ins) have not loaded. I cannot seem to find them on my computer in order to load them manually. I did find a few, unfortunately when I do a search they are not all found.

Thanks for any help, I am using windows 10

Each version of SketchUp installs separately so it shouldn’t be surprising that you have none of your extensions from SU2017 showing up in SU2018. The best practice is to install fresh copies of the extensions from their source. You can sign in to the Extension Warehouse through SU2018 and automatically install fresh copies of the extensions that you got from there. Install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and sign in to install your bundle for any extensions you might have installed in SU2017 that way.

The extensions for SU2017 are in a user directory that is normally hidden. If you like chasing load errors, you can copy from that folder to the SU2018 folder. It’s not recommended, though. On Windows the directory will be User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017…

Thanks Dave!

And if you aren’t aware, once signed in you can hover over your name in the EW and a flyout appears that includes “My Extensions”. It will list all the extensions you have previously downloaded with an option to install or uninstall. Although I’m not sure this will install the latest versions of the extensions automatically. If you go to the EW from within 2018 I would assume EW would load extensions suitable.
I had to check :slight_smile: The EW does tell you which extensions in your list is incompatible.

Thank You very much Michael!

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