SketchUp 2019 Won't Load Extensions."Known Issue with No Solution"

Ok thanks!

Ok I will try that. Thinking ahead, if that works how do I fix or reset my profile?


You’d need to copy all documents, favorite links, etc. over to the new user profile.
Easiest way is likely using a migration tool as if you were migrating to a new machine.

The User State Migration Tool is now included as part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10. You can download it

This guide will show you how to install the USMT from it:…

That depends on how the IT is structured in your company. A home user can go and delete the folder with his username in the C:\Users folder after making backup copies of the documents inside that you want to keep. But in a corporate environment it might not be that simple. And a less drastic way would be to fix just what was broken if it can be identified. I have found that IT support personnel tends to use profile resetting as a standard solution to all software problems but that it often doesn’t help, resulting only to extra work for the user when the real problem is in drivers, hardware or company policy.

I am still wondering if there is something in your extensions policy setting that prevents them from running. You said that all the extensions you use are signed - nevertheless, have you tried allowing all extensions, whether signed or not? I don’t know what the extensions manager does, for instance if your computer doesn’t allow it access to the Internet…

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Oh sorry I thought you meant my SU profile. Lol Creating another user profile on my computer would involve employer IT. Gonna have to wait until I can get back to the office. Currently, working from home due to corona virus.:frowning:

Put the tape deck on pause for now… thanks everyone for your input.

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