Sketchup 2016 Extension Trouble



Seems I have an extension issue! I loaded Sketchup 2016 today to learn many of the extensions I was using in 2015 are not compatible…That is an issue for another day.

THE REAL problem is that the extensions that are compatible are not loading. The ones that I have are markes as enabled in the extension warehouse and are check-marked under the preferences tab under extensions. However; the extension menu is empty and there is no access to any extensions.

Is anyone else having trouble loading extensions?


check that the new extensions security setting is still set to “Unrestricted” (default) at:

"Window > Preferences > Extensions Policy"
“SketchUp > Preferences > Extensions > Policy”


Extensions developers need some time to mark their extensions in EW compatible with 2016.

What is your Extensions Policy set to?

And what OS are you using?

Can you name some of the extensions?


Thanks for the input:

The extension policy is set to: Unrestricted

The exact list of extensions listed in the extension warehouse and within Sketchup are:
Advanced Camera
Dynamic Components
Sandbox Tools
Trimble Connect
Photo Textures

Each carries the status as enabled in the Extension Library and has a checkmark under preferences within the Sketchup preferences dialog.

I am using Windows 10

Thank you!



The extension policy is set to: Unrestricted


None of those native SU extensions show up in the Extensions menu…

they all live in other places…




As John stated, these are native extensions that come with the install of SketchUp.
Although their code files reside in the same location as 3rd party extensions, they are designed to present themselves under other menus in the SketchUp UI.

Are there any 3rd party extensions that you don’t see loading?



IADDIC it seems I have a similar problem, Sandbox is working under SU 2015 but do not work under SU 2016. It simply does not load and gives error at start. Could you figure out a solution to your problem? Maybe you would like share with me. May this be something about windows 10? I have win 10 aswell.