SketchUp 2018 Wish List


I think I’ve said this before but:

  • Remove the radio button for changing active layer. There just isn’t any reason whatsoever to change active layer, instead this just fools new users into making mistakes. (If there is any valid reason for anyone to change the active layer in any use case that could easily be handled from an extension.)
  • Rename Layers “Tags” or "Visibility tags as they don’t define isolated lockable drawing contexts which is what layers do in every other program using layers I can think of.
  • Rename Layer0 “None” as it’s not really a layer. It cannot be renamed or deleted.

I can see how some people would be quite reluctant to point two and three given it would require a lot of documentation help articles to be rewritten. The first point however should be easier to implement.

  1. Filter inferences.
    Sometimes i work with pipelines and it is difficult to select the center of the pipe to add a dimension or to align 2 pipes


It would useful if we could have a popup window at left corner in Layout telling us that some References need be to update or relink, it would show up if some References is changed while we are working in layout, not only when we open the file.
It could look similar to the Extension Manager update popup in SketchUp 2017.


Make shortcut available to toggle for View/Scale/Hide Rest of Model. Could be the same toggle key as View/Component Edit/Hide Rest of Model, maybe with modifier. I use this all day long and would love to do the same with the scale tool. I know I could make the object a x2 nested component so I can scale within the first shell with the model hidden.


What is View/Scale/Hide rest of model?

Regarding View/Component Edit/* it’s easy to add a custom shortcut. Maybe a default shortcut could be helpful when you use SketchUp on numerous computers but it would be hard to agree on something. I’ve seen so many different custom shortcuts for this.


Yes I’m fine with the custom shortcut for view/edit component/hide. , not arguing for a change there. I’m jnterested I’m the ability to create a similar custom shortcut key for the scale tool. So while scaling an object I can toggle the rest of the model on and off.


You mean a setting to only view selected entities?


I’m sorry if someone said it before or it looks useless to you.
Not sure if things that plugins and extensions already do can be included on the wish list.


  • Tool or option to draw an arc that are tangent to two circumferences or arcs.


One thing more: solid tools available on Make version


I would like to hit a custom shortcut key and have everything in the model disappear except the object I am currently using the scale tool on, just the way it works when isolating a component while editing.


I fail to see how this has anything to do with the scale tool. You want a rendering option for only showing the selected entities? Should that only apply for that specific tool?


I cannot write plugins, but I would guess that an “Isolate selection” plugin would be possible.


I agree to what j0equ1nn says in this thread I also see a useful option to be able to get back to your last selection.


ThomThom’s Selection Memory plugin does just that.


I know, I read the thread.
But a plugin or extension means the program does not that feature as a native one.
And you depend on a third party.
EDIT: I mean I didn’t think we cannot suggest some features that are already available on plugins.



There’s no reason not to request as a native feature (which I think it should be), and given that ThomThom works for Trimble now, it would seem an easy addition to borg his plugin into the program… but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it. :slight_smile:


Hehe, I agree :slight_smile:


While on the topic of plugins that should be native tools, can I reiterate these requests of many years standing?:

Filleting and chamfering (on 3D shapes) [Fredo6 Roundover]
Multi-face push-pull [Fredo6 Joint PushPull]
Box Scaling / Stretching [FredoScale]

Pay Fredo6 a big chunk of money and integrate his code into SU Pro. It would provide tools that many (most?) pro users utilize daily. And the tools themselves would benefit from UI integration/simplification.

I love Fredo’s tools and depend on them — I think he’s a creative coding genius — but the difference between his interface approach and the native SU one is often jarring.


I’ve said this many times but what SketchUp different from other programs is that it only contains the minimum ammount of feature, the rest is added as extensions. This is very important to keep SketchUp easy to learn for new users whereas other programs often are overwhelming.

That said some features from extensions could be added to SU. Filleting and chamfering could be a Trimble extension shipped with the application but by default with its toolbar hidden (like solid tools). Support for surfaces in native Push Pull would also be lovely. No extra user interface is needed, just the underlying functionality. I think the community would benefit a lot from having these features with a nice proper user friendly interface. Regarding box scaling I don’t know how it’s different from changing the axes with Axes tool and then use native Scale tool.

Curver offset bevel

An option to only show selected entities with a custom keyboard shortcut would be great.


especially when it is controlled with the outliner, e.g. you type in the filter the group or component you are looking for