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Edit: To elaborate on this description, this is a place where you can tell us of the need you have, the problem you’re trying to overcome and maybe the tool you think will solve that job. It also gives you the chance to solicit suggestions to overcome the problem you’re running into as it may be a technique that you need more than a single-purpose tool. It’s also possible there is a feature already in existence that does what you need. To that end, please offer a new topic for your feature and describe WHY you need that tool and what it will solve for you. You don’t have to be a feature designer in this case, just someone with a need to be addressed!

[FR] Add group/component bounding box edges/vertices to things known by the inferencing engine

Yes. This is a simple request. As I am a kitchen designer and build cabinet. I would like to be able to move a panel say 1000mm less 18mm so I would like just to type 1000-18 and press enter. and sketchup would do the math. ok this is a simple example but there are load of thims I want to move something less or more and don’t want to get my calculator out when I am using a computer. This should be standard. computer are meant for this sort of thing.


Could the Mac Materials Palette work a little more like the Windows Palette, please?
Or at least equally easy/intuitive to quickly locate and edit a material?

I have been working with it for almost a year now and still have difficulties seeing which Material is selected and also difficulty getting into the Edit Menu and editing a material I am currently using.

If there’s a help on this that I haven’t found yet, I would appreciate it! Thanks!!!


Webdialogheight in dynamic components needs to be increased for bigger monitors it seems to only expand to 900px. Also if you have a long component options window, when you hit the apply button, it scroll back to the top of the list adding confusion to the location to where you just made changes and you have to scroll back down the list to make more changes.
The ability to name copies so it changes in the outliner would be nice. And for clearer code the ability to order you options without adding letter in alphabetical order.


I need to repeat push pull a lot for moving walls a certain distance. It would be great to have a way to toggle the repeat push pull direction as when I push one side of a wall one way, I want to push the other side of that wall in the same direction. When I double click to repeat push pull now, the walls move in opposite direction and the wall gets fatter instead of moving in sync in one direction.

Also, I use a ton of scenes and therefore view them all as a list. Thumbnails don’t do me any good, so it would be great to organize them so I don’t have to find a scene by reading the name. A color code like the layers would be helpful.


I love Sketchup but I think it’s time that sketchup uses the 24 hour international time standard for the shadows settings dialog box. I know that sketchup is proudly made in America but having to click in three places to change the time is incredibly tedious. I should simply have to type in 14:40 if I want shadows to display at 02…40…pm. Using am and pm and having to click so many times is positively retrograde. Perhaps this could implemented as an option in Preferences so that those who insist on taking 10 times longer to enter time could continue to do so. I am new to the community and could not find how to post this to the 2016 wish list. I hope I am in the right place to pass the message to those who develop Sketchup. This would surely be easy enough to implement and be a huge interface improvement for anyone who needs to tweak their shadow settings regularly.


90% of what I print is landscape, printer orientation always defaults to portrait. It would be nice to allow a printer preference for orientation.


This is a feature request to have size shown as you work and showup when you scale.


One improvement to LAYOUT that would increase your sales to landscape designers is to have the ability to outline 2D plant circle groupings, showing the outline around the plant massing as in the attached plan. Please let me know if this makes sense, and if so where I can post this wish! Thank you!


Apologies if these suggestions are already covered but these what I would like to see:

Please enable the Tabs in the tray to roll up when not in use - to minimize scrolling through the tray

Provide additional flexibility for keyboard shortcuts - 2 characters at least - One is too restrictive (even with shift, alt or ctrl)

Please add a tool to respace objects after elements have been added, Eg. If I have a fence which has ‘X’ number of posts between two end posts and I decide to remove one post and want to respace (equally) the remaining posts after one is removed

‘Thicker’ axes - sometimes red and green are hard to distinguish on the screen

LIne weight and line types to avoid having to do additional work in layout

Reflected ceiling mode in main model - again to avoid having to flip model component or layout view to get correct 'mirrored view of ceiling. Looking up at ceiling of model is not correct view for architectural work



After I click to run a report on a house model, there is a “Volume: WARNING !” shown in the picture below. I would really appreciate your help and if SketchUp would show where the error is coming from and how to fix it. This would save a lot of time in trying to figure out where the error is. Please help as soon as you can! Thank you so much in advance!


I have some suggestions for Google SketchUp:

  1. ability to change line colors per line
  2. ability to shut off the awkward pop ups/text balloons
  3. ability to select a group and or component and keep that in X-ray mode


I would LOVE to be able to add a user defined set of component attributes to the “add attribute” drop down list. I have 10 custom attributes that I use regularly, and being able to include them in the drop down list would serve me at least 2 ways. It would act as a check list to make sure I include all that are applicable and it would prevent me from misspelling, so that they all show up in the right place when I run a report.


A full iPad version will be the greatest thing for me
and it put Trimble in the same leading level as other BIM competitor on iPad

iPad are coming pro, mobility is the future on construction site, Graphisoft do things, Autodesk clone SKP, and Trimble produce only a poor viewer ( a good step but i think that every body is waiting for a full version )

By the way it could be add revenue to dev team ;o)))


I concur with this request. iPad hardware is more than capable of running SU, and an iPad version would increase its mobility/portability. The ability to use the Pencil to draw on-screen would simplify the interface.

Previous posters have quoted iPad sales statistics as the rationale for not pursuing this. As has been proven, however, people don’t know what they want until it’s shown to them, e.g., automobile, GUI, iPhone. Need to show people SU on iPad for them to understand it.

SU is supposed to bring design to the rest of us. iPad is the accessible computer for the masses, and having SU available would reinforce that concept.


need function new to scale to size letter in fonts.

if put size big 72 or 36, but draw in metter , not stay good, check 2 pictures to understand.


Hi to all,
using sketchup layout and I realized that I would find very useful the following features:
to save all the settings toolbar and panels in the tray, and to be able to export to import, in the case of change PC or reinstalling the same.

  • In addition to the tabs of open documents, have an index of pages contained in the current document
  • ability to add an active web links to the texts, both in the layout file in pdf exported.
    may be?



I would find it very useful to have a progress bar/percentage/indication when importing a file. For example, when I import an STL into SketchUp, sometimes it will take a really long time to import, and it would be helpful to have some idea of how much time it will take to finish “Importing geometry…” or “Repairing geometry…”


[This feature request will take you 10 minutes to add!]

When you have many Materials, its always very hard to see which has been hi-lighted from the Entity Info material swatch.

Every single time, I find myself hunting through the Materials dialog to see which has a feint blue border.

Please make it bold, make it easy to notice.


Figure out a way to add sharing a model on LinkedIn, the way you make it easy to share on FB, Twitter, Google+, because knowing Sketchup can help land a job, perhaps.