Mac OS User Interface


I am just trying out 2020.2 and it is looking good but please please can you fix some things on the MAC UI.

Sketchup - As we don’t have trays the palletes end up all over the place, please could you implement a system similar to windows (I know that it then won’t have the MAC UI but C4d, Vectorwork,Photoshop can all put palletes into a single window and it would help the workflow massively). Alternately and perhaps easier could you either implement an API so that we can add folders in the toolbar with particular tool groups, render, profiles, organic etc… (similar to the drop down when using arcs and rectangles) or have a native and fully compliant version of aerilius toolbar editor (this sort of thing would speed up workflow massively)

Layout - Feels much speedier which is great and like the line weight control but again on the UI issue please can you allow Mac Users to fuly expand the Tags (it may be an error but there is no little triangle to expand the window which stifles workflow again!

Love Sketchup and if it keeps driving forward I am happy with subscription but it would be great to address these small but not insignificant UI issues

many thanks


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I wonder whether this should be in Feature Requests?

There are certainly things about the palettes on a Mac that don’t work ideally. A palette can end up half off screen, for example. I also find that when they are stacked (as in your image), lower ones can become detached somewhere at the bottom of the screen. I like to have them “glued” together so that I can expand and collapse but they seem to come unglued too easily (I would still keep the ability to unglue though).

Hi Simon, your right, it probably should be in feature requests ( I hadn’t thought of that to be honest) but also it seems like a fundamental issue and non parity between platforms that I haven’t seen recently in my other professional programs and the basic precept of Sketchups Speed and Ease is often hampered for me by searching for that little pallette that has popped to the side of one of my screens :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Sketchup Team, pleasse can you add this as a feature request…



Moved to Feature Requests as wished. :grinning:

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Yes, Thanks Simon,
And one particular tray option that only seems to extend to the Windows users, is the ability to isolate the LayOut Scrapbooks Palette into it’s Own Separate Tray, and thus you can expand and contract it as needed, without the rest of the batch …
I have found that this would be very useful in my workflow, can that courtesy be extended to the Mac users … please?