Mac UI Improvements - Full screen, docking palettes, etc


I’m wondering if there are any plans to modernize the interface for Mac. Currently there is no full screen mode, either native or OS-based, very limited ability to dock palettes, and a clunky OS color-picker.

Any work in this area would contribute to Sketchup’s ease of use and visual clarity.


I agree for full screen mode and docking palettes


Fully agree with the areas you identify as needing interface improvements on the Mac. Materials management is especially lacking vs. the windows version. I would support any changes that modernize and harmonize the UI.


I concur! Offer MAC users customization of toolbars icons, palettes, docking, auto hide/unhide,…etc. These are common sense UI features that I’ve wanted for years (similar issues with AutoCAD LT <2015 for MAC). Why does WIN get it and MAC doesn’t? It should be up to the user, not OS.



pixelmator is still going pretty strong with floating everything but some other applications are starting to shy away from that approach and using single window…

like (i.e. semi-copy this :slight_smile: )

bonus- these apps are great for going full screen too.


I totally agree.
There are two main roads now: one is pixelmator or autocad for mac approach, many floating translucent palettes that snap to the display edges. The other is iwork, safari or rhinoceros approach, everything in one window.

Personally I prefer the second, everything in a single window.


AutoCAD 2017 for Mac released: Compact UI
SketchUp 2017 released… still can’t use Mac multitouch trackpad :sweat:


Hello? Is anyone from the sketchup team reading/listening?
This is a request back from 2014… we’re in 2017 and working in SketchUp with two display is such a nervous pain! :slight_smile:


Bump! Anyone…Bueller?


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