Lockup on Launch Issue

SketchUp software quality in one image

I just stuck on launch without any reason. On 3,5Ghz core i7 proc and 32Gb RAM. Such a lightweight 3D sketching software. No other 3D/2D/Video editors was launched in that time.
Five attempts to force quit and launch without success. I know what the support will say: “Restart you mac”. I do not need software which require restart my machine to lunch it.
More complex tools like Cinema 4D and Modo never stuck like this on my mac.

@DanRathbun and @Anssi i glad to see you have no problems with the UI, usability and performance of this product. Maybe it’s need to be a distinct type of mind to use and like the way sketchup works and do not see the roughness.
The bad thing is users who paid money for the bad product and come to the developers side with arguments like “they do the best they can” or “this is core limitations” or “this is company policy to make bad software” or “this is OpenGL” or “place here you exuse”. In that case developer feels community support and continue ignore pitfalls.

My luck this happened on trial period.
Goodbye and be happy with this software.

P.S.: Why this post is here?
I am a software developer by my first job. And as software developer i always want to know why my users left my products and what they dislike, what make them angry.
Do as you want to be done with you.

There are a lot of small features which make SketchUp stand out of other 3D sketching tools. But there are a lot of strange UI design and patterns which prevent me to purchase full product. To be purchased, software should not stuck on launch at last. SketchUp failed in that, for now.

I think you have a network issue. The “Learn” panel of the Welcome dialog, is a web browser frame.
The fact that it is blank indicates (to me) that you have a network issue.

@Barry ?

It also seems that you have not yet chosen a default modeling template.

As a software developer you should know that software doesn’t stop responding without any reason. There’s always a reason. Since it doesn’t do that for all users, you would also know that you need to look at your system to see what is causing the problem.

@DanRathbun I do not know what kine of the network issue it should to be. At last i can post my comment in this thread and watch video in HD quality on YouTube.
If the reason is actually in this area it’s even worse. Instead of an related notification message application just overload CPU.

@DaveR what i know as software developer - users should not looking for the reason why software not responding. At las for paid software. We do not talk about beta or the product made by one person. This is public release which need to be tested on major platforms in different conditions before to be released.

What i know as software developer - there are no excuse for “not responding” application state. There is always developer problem, not user. Something not counted, something not tested. Someone was paid for bad work.

It’s useless to continue the discussion. It looks like you guys will continue to defend this developer no matter what.
Everyone will remain in their opinion. I will no longer respond in this thread.

Good bye.

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And as a software developer, you of course have never encountered a situation in which a particular user’s configuration triggered an issue that virtually no other users have ever seen despite tons of testing and use by others…

Totally agree!

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