Mac tool palette

Worked with sketchup in the past on a pc. I now have a Mac. The floating/appearing/disappearing tool palettes are very frustrating, especially when working with two monitors.
Any chance tools could dock in the future?

Moved to Feature Requests.

This has been requested before. Hopefully it’ll come in a future release.

Reportedly the developers are working to port the Mac version to the Qt UI library. They already did so for Windows, with some growing pains still being sorted out. It would be nice if there weren’t quirky differences between the platforms, though I expect that Mac users would not be happy if the result was making a Mac app look and work like Windows any more than Windows users would like Mac-based features in that UI.


How do you have your workspace setup? I have model window on my iMac and my tool pallets setup on my additional monitor.

I use an app called Stay, and previously with my MacBook Pro used an app called Moom.

Both worked great.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out!