SketchUp 2018 Wish List


If it’s a selection with more than one entity there is a way with a sequence of shortcut keys.
So you have a selection:
[]Create group > []Open group
(If rest of model is still visible > Hide rest of model)
perform wanted operation(s)
[]Close group
[]Explode group


…and it [the outliner] allows you to select (and thereby show) entities that are hidden because you can still see them in the outliner! This could perhaps be quite useful.


I would like to see something like using the TAB key to cycle through the snaps/inferences within the area of the pointer.
It would make complex modelling a little easier.


Yeah, I can see that, thanks. Sometimes I double nest components just so I can scale a component while it’s isolated. I’m just dreaming of a single key toggle for the rest of the model.


@endlessfix, I know, it’s far from being a single key stroke. But if you (temporarily!) wrap the component (or any selection) in a new container (group or component) you can enter this environment, thereby making the rest invisible.
I see your point though.


I think cycling is just a workaround for the problem. What I want is a smarter inference engine that just do what you expect it to do without you having to manually think about it. That’s the SketchUp way.

Currently there’s a small area (a square I believe) centered on each point. When the mouse cursor is in that area the input point snaps to the point. However when the points are close to each others and these areas overlap you can’t chose what to snap to. It seams certain snapping such as endpoints, always have higher priority than others, such as midpoints.


In this example it’s impossible to snap to the short edge because the whole edge is covered with snap areas from the point. If the edge is even shorter snapping to the midpoint is also impossible because the endpoint snap areas cover the whole edge.

I’d really like if these areas of snapping weren’t always centered on the snapping point but could repeal each other and better use the available space on the screen. That in addition to snapping to the closest possible point (basically following a Voronoi map) would give the user much more control. When building the Voronoi map the quarter points of edges could be used to create an area for edge snapping.

snapping suggested

In this (badly drawn) example you can see how the snapping areas of the endpoints of the short edge have drifted away from the center. You can still snap just as easily to the endpoints, the difference is very subtle and hardly noticeable, but it allows you to chose exactly what to snap to, including the edges.

Also fixing the clipping issue would more or less solve this because then you could actually zoom in close enough to snap to any point you’d like.


I am not quite sure of that. I would say that 87% of the time I am targeting endpoint or midpoint inferences when modelling, but most of the modeling errors I produce are caused by SketchUp picking up one of the “From point outside active” inferences (which I practically never want) instead.


Control C and Control V do a cut and paste. Disadvantage is you have little control over where your object is pasted, and then have to fight to put it where you want it. Move a copy at least makes it easier to put the copy on the same plane.


If you first make the items you wish to copy into a group, then copy to clipboard (CTRL+C), you can then paste in place (CTRL+SHIFT+V) and the pasted items will not combine with the originals. Then you can move the group to new location. If you don’t want the things to be in a group, just ungroup them.
As in all things with programs such as this, there are kludges and work-arounds. some of the work-arounds are kludgy too, but y’know, I think I’d rather have that than to wind up with something heavy-duty and expensive like AutoCAD.


@tpdes I agree in principle. I guess for those of us brought up on AC and other trad CAD systems, you expect certain basic functions “out of the box” and to work as simply as possible. The Copy command is one. Mirror is another. Both these things can be achieved in SU but by somewhat clunky means. Those of us who miss the simplicity of dedicated commands end up using plug-ins, which is fine, but they often don’t work as elegantly as you suspect they would if the SU developers had built them in. For example, I have a plug-in for the Copy command but it’s one use only without re-invoking it. It reverts to the Move command if you try to do sequential copying.


Yeah, and I’ve become so used to the quirks of Sketchup (not so much Layout…still trying to figure out why things that work in Sketchup are SO different in Layout …sigh), that I expect holding down the CTRL key will make a copy of something as I move it. Nope. Not in Word, or Corel (now THERE’s a weird one), or in reply boxes like this. Funny how some things make us creatures of habit and remove our ability to adapt.


Not sure if this can be considered a wish because it has to do with commercial.
I will tell you anyway, I’d like there will be intermediate prizes between Make and PRO.
For example, Make is free and I’m ok with its features, but I think some people who will use it for personal projects could benefit if some extras were also possible to buy them individualy, as for example, SolidTools, LayOut, probably some things more. Tell me your opinions.


That has already been discussed in great detail.


Add an option to make the rest of the model become Xray mode , hidden line or shaded colour when I’m editing a group/component (instead of just fading it)

I also agree with adding an option to uncheck inference/snapping for groups/components that we choose (eg if im modelling a simple geometry that sits above a complex terrain mesh and Sketchup keeps wanting to snap to bits of the terrain…very frustrating!


Would a simple and somewhat effective fix be to be able to adjust the snapping ‘hitbox’ size? Advanced users on a hi res monitor may not need such a large area to aim for.


I only use active layer to select a layer so that i can place geometry onto it (I work with a lot of imported geometry) but you’re right - the function could be simplified (a dropdown box: send geometry to layer…X)

I also think layer groups should be a default option. Almost all software that has layers has some grouping functions o it’s not a foreign concept to people.

Finally on layers, I’d like the ability to apply a style to each layer. Eg I would make my building show as textured faces, and the surrounding context as white faces or hidden line. And I’d put my trees on a layer and make that 50% opaque. On that note, I would also like to be able to apply a style to each component individually.

I would pay for an extension to do this stuff.


Regarding the inference engine I really don’t think it should require micro management from the user. It should just work out of the box for everything everywhere every time.

Styling by layer and layer grouping is on my wish list too! There’s so much use for it. Monochrome background, X-ray addition, sketchy addition, sketchy background etc. The list just goes on.


Yes; the Pro Layer tray needs some serious work.

Having meta tags attached to layers would be awesome. I often need to work on a particular floor, with a particular scheme and/or demolish on at the same time.

The fuzzy way I see it is that you could add meta tags to each layer, proposed, demolish, scheme1, scheme2, walls, furniture, trees, floor1 floor2, roof, whatever… then have a set of rules to turn them on and off depending on what you want to show.

Vectorworks has a layer system that has classes which can work in a similar way.


Yeah it would be great to organise the model into Layers but also Levels, Phases, IFC classes, documentation packages etc. We have Groups/components and Layers but one or two other methods (eg tags) would be awesome.

This has gotten me thinking about a few other wishlist items:

  • I’d love the ability for Sketchup to know who worked on the design…eg if I am signed in and open the model and design something, then hand it to somebody else to design their bit, i’d like to see who did what. (I havent actually used Trimble Connect - does it do this stuff within one model?)

  • Is Sketchup able to highlight what geometry was added at what version. (or simply since the last time the model was saved)??

  • Saving files with automatic version tags would be nice too - it would get past the problem of Layout not recognising when we change the file name. Lumion has a great and very simple file version control system

  • For the Component browser to be able to Expand components when I click a little plus sign next their icon, rather than only allowing me only to expand the entire model.

  • Can we select a component and highlight related materials, maybe drag those into a Group? Eg “find all mateirals used in this component” (like Adobe Illustrator swatches)… This would help reduce the model size and remove bugs prior to rendering. (this could be an extension)


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