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after a release is before a release… 8^)



Started November 2

In my humble opinion, I don’t think anyone is covering themselves with glory by creating a wishlist thread so soon after a release.
One should take some time to take in and work with the developments of the software so that Feature Requests are building on progress rather than a knee-jerk reaction to what is perceived to be missing.


I wasn’t intending to cover myself in glory. I started my topic because of an @slbaumgartner post on the 2017 wish list:

in the hope that any new good ideas people wanted to put in 2017 after that would, instead, appear as 2018 wishes.

sure, but this is the true SketchUp Wish List™ thread :wink:

Oho! I see it now! I omitted the colon (SketchUp Wish List : 2018). How about: With colon, it’s “official”, without, it’s guerilla user generated content? :spy:

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I wasn’t intending any criticism, just throwing in my thoughts about taking time to understand.

ack´ed ggg

The following 2018 requests relate to Mac OS SketchUp Pro / Layout:

  1. Reverse/inverted scrolling in Layout. The lack of this feature in Layout 2017 makes the inclusion of it in SU2017 pointless.

  2. The ability to move from an external screen (desktop monitor plugged into a laptop) to the laptop screen of a different resolution without having to reposition every single extension toolbar. This process is infuriating.


Some kind of scene manager please. Layout is still not clever enough (why?) to remember combinations of scenes formed in the viewport which means that a scene needs to be created for virtually every view for it to be displayed reliably. This leads to very large number of scenes in sketch-up and painful headache! a bit of consideration please for the people who push your software to the extreme.

suggestion some kind of folder structure obtained by dragging one scene over another (like in iOS folders)- thank you.

Hopefully one doesn’t need to wait another year for this :slight_smile:


Proper X-refs.
We are an Architecture office of 18, looking at Sketuchup and Layout as an end solution for design and documentation, in competition to Revit and Archicad.
We currently use Sketchup at the start of design and move to Autocad later.
The key and serious impediment to adoption of SU LO is how a team can collaborate on a building at the same time.
Autocad has x-ref functionality which allows all team members visibility of other team members’ work.
We have not found a way to approximate this in SU LO.
Using ‘sub-models’ and inserting them into a ‘master model’ requires tedious purging of building elements from each sub-model every time an update needs to be communicated. The more people on the job, the more unworkable it becomes.
It is ironic that Trimble Connect is all about collaboration between other consultants, yet within SU collaboration does not seem workable.


Similar to above, I want to get my numerous scenes under control. I suggest grouping scenes that share prefixes like this:

Discussed in more depth here: Managing scenes in SU - #7 by TommyK

It’s not a huge thing to ask, but would really help!


I experimented with creating a plugin along these lines called TeamEdit. It may do what you need, although I wouldn’t call it a finished product. I heard the guys at Skalp also made a similar plugin for their own internal use (but better).

I no longer maintain it, due to lack of interest. Find out more here:

TEMPLATE LOCATION - give us back the ability to choose our own!


Sounds like what may be needed, internally at least, is for SU to support importing a model / component ‘by reference’, which means that rather than bringing in the data for a model, it simply remembers a reference to an external file whose data will be aligned with a certain location. (It would be similar to the way an Excel object can be embedded in a MS Word doc.) In this way, you could have a complex with 3 buildings on a landscape, but the main file only contains the landscape and references to the 3 separate building models in separate files. If building A gets updated, the main file automatically displays the latest version of it. The critical issue here would be the speed of rendering when using such a reference… Maybe the View menu could have an option whether or not to show such referenced models. Just a thought…

Fat Faces (faces with thickness). A version was demoed many, many years ago, but it hasn’t made it into a published version.



Been waiting forever for simple features and haven’t seen anything so hey why not put them here.

  1. Floating windows need to be controlled. We have huge wide monitors and a lot more of the functions of these windows can just be on the toolbar. For instance Entity Info, Component options, whatever else works. Entity info would be so easy.
  2. Import DWG into Layout. Until that point I can’t see the point of layout. I am not going to redraw millions of cad blocks to drop Autocad. But give me import into layout and yes I will.
  3. Export components on a right click on the component. I know you can export the selected stuff but it gives the name as the main sketchup name instead of the component. Currently I do a saveas then open that SKP and export. Save me a step please :slight_smile:
  4. Allow alternative view manipulation. For instance I want to use WASD and right mouse kinda like Unreal or any video game. The mouse wheel zoom is so painful sometimes when it gets stuck in the wall.
  5. Lights and emissive materials please. Or just emissive materials which give off light to stay in the Sketchup way of things. To make a light just change its colors to something that gives of light. Boom done. I know there are add ons to do it but really these things need to be standard.
  6. A warning when you are about to break a surface. Too many times I do something and break a surface that I don’t see for a half hour and then have to piece the model back together.
  7. Export 2D cad with solid hatched color as an option.

And thats it for now.


To add to the list:

  • better construction lines support. In construction documentation, I am realising how useful construction lines can be to suggest non-built information. The other useful thing about them is that it is non-sticky. Would love to be able to draw with construction lines with a fixed length, as I would with a pencil.
  • Construction lines within a locked component/group should not be deleted when the user hits “Delete Guides”.
  • Circle guides, please!!!

Like this?


YES!!! Except, if I make them, when I hit “Edit > Delete Guides”, it all disappears… :-(. Even if they are in a locked component.

Pen Tools - I will download now, thanks.