2020 Feature Wishlist

I have search for a new wishlist and didn’t find one so forgive me if it’s there and I’m just missing it. And Mods, feel free to move this if need be. Anyway, here is a very small item that I have been meaning to mention for forever but keep forgetting…

To the Views toolbox (Iso, Top, Front, Right, Back, Left) how about adding an Up view that will give us the ability to look direction up under the model?


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The ‘Bottom’ setting is already in the equivalent Camera > Standard Views submenu - it’s just not in the toolbar set… You can shortcut to any of those menu items too…

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You can also set it as a shortcut.

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Thanks!!! Now I’m felling rather stupid. I should have know that was there. :slight_smile:

Still and icon in the views toolbar would be nice.

I agree. It is not uncommon for people to want a ceiling plan, an obvious use for a Bottom view. But at least it is there in the menu version.

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Layers with nesting and locks would be nice for large projects.


I’d also like to add…

Fix layOut’s move/copy to work like SU, i.e. click Ctrl and release to copy. That would be way better than having to hold Ctrl down until the move is complete. It’s a small thing but it would sure help my workflow.



Just a note that there is an “infinite” wishlist thread so that we don’t need a new thread every year with people posting the same old desires.

It is far better that each feature (“wish”) have it’s own thread where it alone can be discussed. Otherwise single threads with many feature discussions become tangled and hard to follow. When a feature is finally implemented it’s request thread can be marked solved.


Deal with more polygons please
and sefaria too.

Maybe its time to switch to Vulkan
Sefaria should handle my original model

and they should update, modernize, the ui

Add revit, ArchiCad import

Please don’t double post.

I’d like to see “boxed” or 3D Sections.

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If this already exists as a plugin or within SU, please let me know. What I want to see the very most is the ability to set a “Master Axis” in a new project and lock it. Then I want to be able to set my preferences for any sub-axis created when making Groups or Components or for “angled modeling”. Obviously there is more thought that needs to go into the nuances of this kind of thing. I would then like to be able to force model elements to “stick to” or move (if necessary) to the master grid if the plane or lines are within say 5 degrees (an adjustable number) of being there already. Also, SU should also be able to force a plane that is very slightly split onto two slightly different planes but is so close to being a single flat plane that it appears to be (again an adjustable number) into a truly flat plane aligned with the master axis during a Cleanup process. This may sound odd and it seems some don’t believe that this occurs, but I have seen it multiple times that a file degrades over time. I plane that was created flat. Weeks later will suddenly (if hidden lines are made visible) show a spider web of hidden lines throughout that plane. These would fix most of the issues that I have with SU. I know that most will say that this is simply user error and that I need to be more careful when I model. I’m sure some of that is valid, but when I am working on a building that is slightly off of the default North axis it can be very confusing and tedious to make sure that I am always utilizing the correct axis when modeling. This is typically not a huge deal with residential architecture, but with commercial architecture I’m typically dealing with much tighter setbacks and trying to maximize the building within the allowable, buildable envelope.

Not a complete fix for what you’re talking about, but you know you can modify the master axis by right clicking on an axis line?

Yes, I use it frequently. Thanks

The model axis are also one of the settings which can be saved to a scene, so you can create several scenes with only that property checked

I think unwarp window is so important for sketchup