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Good Afternoon
Is there anyway to add bottom view to the camera toolbar. I cant seem to be able to this. I find myself having to look at the bottom view of my models and would be quicker to access through the camera toolbar.
As always thanks in advance for help.

There’s no Bottom view toolbar button but you could create a keyboard shortcut. Or you could try CLF Extended Views from the Extension Warehouse. It adds the Bottom View as a button. It doesn’t say it’s compatible with SU2021 but it’s free and won’t hurt to try.

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You could also create a template with a saved scene that is bottom view. To achieve the view you right click on the bottom surface you want to view and select “align view”. Then set it to either parallel projection or perspective view and update your scene. If you need this view often, then make it a standard of your SU template.

It’s worth noting that while there is no bottom view button, there is a bottom view option under Camera>Standard Views>Bottom. This should already have a default shortcut which of course you could change.


tks for the feedback, issue solved and fyi, Dave the CFL extended views does not support the su version that iam using but thanks for the input.

Many extensions don’t list as compatible with some SU version in their documentation, but in fact work just fine. It’s worth installing anyway to see if it works.

I tried installing, no go

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For what it’s worth I use a Mac with SU Make 2017 and the camera>standard views works. However I found out (by accident) that this combination of pressing the CMD key with the NUMBER keys works.
cmd 1 - top
cmd 2 - bottom
cmd 3 - front
cmd 4 - back
cmd 5 - left
cmd 6 - right
cmd 7 - isometric

Given the way SU works I imagine it will work on more modern versions- not sure what key would replace cmd on non Mac pc though.



Thanks for that great idea :+1:

I checked all the Shift - Ctrl - Cmd - Alt + Number combinations and none of them do anything straight out of the box in Pro 2022 for Windows, but I have now set up the following shortcuts which only took a minute:

Ctrl 1 - Left
Ctrl 2 - Right
Ctrl 3 - Top
Ctrl 4 - Front
Ctrl 5 - Back
Ctrl 6 - Iso
Ctrl 7 - Bottom

I did discover that pressing the Windows Key + any number combination launches an application in the order its shortcut is arranged on your Taskbar - so Windows + 2 now launches Layout & Windows + 9 launches SketchUp :grinning:

Perhaps not such a mystery… shortcuts are listed next to each operation in the menu. :wink:

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I use these little visuals to remind me of views while modeling quickly.

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I’m using SU22 and tried assigning shortcuts to “Camera/Standard View /Bottom”, but with no success.

How did it fail? Are you able to assign other shortcuts successfully? Can you see the option in the preferences shortcuts window? Does the default shortcut (listed next to the operation in the menu) work?

Hi Jim

This is how I assigned Ctrl + 7 to the bottom camera view.



That is exactly what I did, but it never showed up in the Assigned box. Tried many times with no success.

I have no problem assigning shortcuts. For some reason, that process is not working for Camera Views.

Are you clicking the + button after typing the shortcut. Im sure you are, but thats the only thing I can think of.

Done that many times. If I am trying to assign a key that is already used, then I am prompted that the key is used, and by what, and offered the option to re-assign the key.

Hopefully somebody will have an answer for whats happening.