No Top View in 2016?


Wow - I am dead here without a top view button.

Is there a ruby code somewhere for that?


what makes you think there isn’t?


I don’t have it in views toolbox since I upgraded to 2016


Try this:

Go to View>toolbars. Click on Reset All.


Go to View/Toobars to open the toolbars dialog.
Scroll down to the views toolbar in the list, highlight it and click Reset.


That worked - thanks

wish I had a bottom view


Make a keyboard shortcut for it.

Somewhere there is an extension that will give you that option. I can’t remember the author off the top of my head but a search should turn it up.


I’m looking for it - please post the bottom view extension location if someone finds it


Jim’s Custom Toolbars extension will let you create a new Views toolbar with a Bottom view button.

Perhaps you could mark both of your threads on this topic as solved so others will know.