Any quick way to round several intersections between two arcs or arc and line?

Hi everybody.

I’d like to know if there is any quick/fast way to apply an arc of radius 5 to all these intersections.


This is the .skp file PropInterEjer-14.skp (88.5 KB)

Thanks in advance.

I could use the offset tool to find the center of the arcs but I still have to do one by one (as far as I know).


The thing is symmetrical. Draw half of it, copy it and cflip the copy to make the other side.

Why do you bother with the Offset? That’s a wasted step and wasted time.

Omg, I always forget to work only one half when an object is symmetrical :frowning:
Anyway, the offset with value 5 is to find the center of the arc.

And again, most of them get segmented and another ones doesn’t touch the line which they have to be tangent.


Ok, it’s done, but it has lot of arcs segmented.
What would the alternative to the offset to make so many round corners?


Weird. I didn’t have that problem. No use of Offset, no drawing a mess of circles to clean up.

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How did you round every corner?

The Fillet tool in TIG’s 2D Tools.

I’m all for using native tools when they make sense but when an extension can save me time and effort, there’s no reason not to use it.

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Is that the frame of the Millennium Falcon?

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@DaveR I don’t know how to feel, haha, I think it’s never too late to learn about you wasted your time doing in the hardest way. Do you know how many “exercises” I’ve been doing this way single arc?

In fact, the using of the offset tool to find the center for the new arc is something I figured out recently as a faster way to do it, but it only works when the face you want to offset allows you to do with the required size.

Sorry for my delay in giving you all an answer, I was trying the fillet tool from TIG: [Plugin] 2D Tools

@endlessfix, hahaha, it belongs to a site that proposes some exercises with made up models (invented figures) to do with exact dimensions (it’s aimed to do with AutoCAD but I’m trying them with SketchUP), I guess in this case the person who proposed the exercise was a Star Wars fan :slight_smile:

One question more.
Do you have all extensions and plugins toolbar visible or you just turn them visible if you think you’re going to use them?
Because, if I keep this way, I will have to buy a bigger monitor.

Some I leave displayed all the time. Some I bring out when I need them. You can see the way my normal working screen is lair out in this post.

I use a simplified layout for most tutorial videos I do.

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