SketchUp 2018 pro suddenly won't start up


Good morning.
i am running SktchUp pro on my Dell XPS 13 (windows 10) and it has been working perfectly, but now it attempts to open and then goes straight to Bug splat.
I have run the SketchUp check up and all is OK, and sent a few Bug splat reports, but still it will not boot.

Any thoughts?



My guess would be that Windows 10 snuck in a bad update to your graphics driver (it has been doing that a lot recently). Intel integrated graphics such as yours are the main victims. You could try rolling your driver back to the previous version or seeing if a newer one is available from Intel.


I expect Steve has hit the nail on the head. Bug Splats on startup are typically graphics driver related. Intel graphics adapters and their drivers are not great at best and Microsoft frequently pushes driver updates that are broken. Rolling back to a previous driver version is a good idea. Or go to the Intel site and install the latest driver directly from them instead of using the one pushed in the automatic update.

Note that integrated Intel graphics are not recommended for SketchUp.See:



Thanks, for the prompt assistance.

I went onto the Intel site and downloaded the latest driver, and everything works perfectly.

As you say the auto uploads will not have helped, and although the system siad that everything was OK and up to date, that was not the case.




Microsoft appears to be unaware or unconcerned that they are pushing out graphics driver updates that break OpenGL in ways that break SketchUp.