Sketchup 2017 crashes just after i create a component

Sketchup 2017 crashes just after i create a component,
I have installed Pro on my new desktop, all works fine apart from component creation. I can
use components out of the component library. It only happens just after creating a component.

any ideas ?

Did you install SketchUp correctly using Run as administrator from the right click menu on the installer?

Did You install app by right clicking on the installation file and choose run as administrator? If not the ghost of x-mas past may be haunting your version of Sketchup. Strange things will happen.

Dont think so !
would i have to uninstall & re-install ?

No. Just close SketchUp, find the installer exe file, and right click on it. choose Run as administrator and then select Repair.

Repair ?

Yes, Repair, when it asks you.

found exe file, ran as admin, but doesn’t ask for repair ?

Just right click on the installation file, choose run as admin then choose repair. Do not uninstall


It’s the installation .exe not the program .exe
Most likely in your download folder.

Did you find the installer or the SketchUp executable? You need the installer.

must be sketchup executable !
i would have deleted anything out of my downloaded folder, looked in recycle bin too, gone.

Download it again.

Excuse the lack of tec knowledge !! but would i have to uninstall whats on my machine first ?

As I wrote, twice.

So No, just download it and Run as admin as Dave has said and repair. Then we can see if it is something else.

ok, done that, opened sketchup again but still the same problem. ?

when i create a component all these
and so on appear in the component box

Any plugins installed?

Yes, this is my suspicion as well - an extension is detecting the created components and doing something that causes a crash.

To @geelanfab you can disable extensions (without permanently removing them) using the Extension Manager window, accessed from the Window menu. Try disabling any recently-installed extensions, quitting out of SketchUp (for good measure), restarting SketchUp, and checking the behavior.