Pro 2017 Crashes upon component creation



Just paid for upgrade to Pro 2017. Running Windows 10 Pro. Intel i7 860 2.8GHz with Dual AMD Radeon HD5700 cards and 20GB Ram. Any time I attempt to create a component, no matter how simple it is, the program locks up (Not responding) . Tested various normal scenarios and have had no success. So far I can’t comment on anything further because I use components for everything. Back to 2014?? New graphics card? Throw the PC away?

Thanks for your help. I hope.


I’m not an expert with such things, but I’ve noticed posts about trouble with SU2017 when users didn’t install using Run as Administrator. You can read about the importance here:

No idea if this is connected with what you’re experiencing; just a thought…


Thanks Very Much. This fixed the problem. I ran the set up as administrator and selected to repair. Tested various components and now it’s working as expected.



Alternatively, if you run into this problem again. Group items first then create component. Save often. Etc etc.


Well I thought this was working. In fact I tested it. after re installation as Admin. Problem is back again. Can’t make components. Grouping first doesn’t help. Program crashes every time I try and “Make Component”. Brutal!


Do you have any plugins installed? This might be related to a plugin using an observer to detect component creation.


Not on 2017 version. I have some but only on v2014. Thanks.


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