Crashes During Component Import

I am a long time user of SketchUp Pro (16 years), but I have noticed some instability in the 2019, v 19.3.253, 64 bit platform. I am experiencing frequent crashes especially when importing components but at other times also. Has anyone else experienced the same?

What components? What operating system? Are you getting Bug Splats? If so, are you sending them in with your e-mail address included? Please complete your profile with the OS, graphics card and SketchUp version.

OS- Windows 10 Pro 1909
Processor i7-7700K, 4.20GHz, 16.0 GB Ram
Graphics Card- NVDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 16 GB Ram
SU Pro 2019 v 19.3.253, 64 bit platform.

I have been using this same device for Sketchup 2018 thru 2019.

When you installed SketchUp 2019, did you right click on the installer and select Run as administrator? Or did you just double click on the downloaded installer?

As before, what components are you importing that make SketchUp crash? Are you getting bug splats and sending them in?

I don’t remember about the Run as Administrator, but I am a sole practitioner working at home and am identified as the administrator.

I am importing dynamic components of my own creation (200KB), miscellaneous others many from the 3D warehouse and also using the Nick Sonders method of inserting my Building.skp into my Site.skp, etc.

That doesn’t matter. Even though you are the administrator, complex programs like SketchUp need to be installed using Run as administrator which is found by right clicking on the downloaded installer. Before doing any other trouble shooting, repair the installation. Right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator and then when presented with options such as Uninstall, select Repair. Make sure both SketchUp and LayOut are closed before you do this.

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