Unable to create components in 2017 sketchup pro

When I try to create a component all I get is the spinning blue circle of death…till the forced shutdown. Help?

I’ve had that experience before. The component was huge. What are you modeling?

Nothing big.

Have you successfully created components since your last issue regarding file formats not being recognized by SU?

Not sure.
Those issues occurred while using SU.
I’m using SUP now.

Try disabling all extensions and then creating a component. Maybe an extension is going crazy.

Extensions closed.
Still blue circle of death…

Hmm, did you exit fully and then restart SketchUp Pro after disabling all extensions?

Exactly when does the system seem to hang? For example when you choose the SketchUp function to create a component, does the Create Component dialog box appear?

Has this always happened ?
When you installed the current [problematic] version of SketchUp, did you do it correctly ?
The only proper way to install any complex application on a modern Windows PC is as follows…

Close SketchUp.
Find its installer exe file - probably in your Downloads folder [if you can’t find it re-download it again].
Select the installer exe file’s icon.
Right-click > Context-menu >
"Run as administrator"
When prompted, do the following…
For an existing installation "Repair"
For a new installation choose "Install"
If you want to start afresh, first choose “Uninstall”, then repeat the above steps and choose “Install”.

When it completes restart SketchUp, any improvement in its problems ?

Installing SketchUp in any other way can lead to unexpected flakiness and unpredictable issues - especially relating to permissions and so on…
Having ‘admin’ powers and choosing to ‘Run’ the exe, or double-clicking it, is not the same as using “Run as administrator” - the differences can be very subtle and unexpected !

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