Sketchup 2016 .stl plugins?

I use Make 2016 (or is it SketchUp 2016)?because none of my older machines have video accelerators. I recently upgraded my laptop to Win 10, losing my stl capable version. Is there anyway to get a stl plugin for this revision?

STL import/exporter.

SketchUp 2016 is blocked from the extension warehouse. I have downloaded the file using your link, what do I do with it?

My mistake, it is not blocked, it just doesn’t come up when clicked

So have you got it to work?

Using the Box link in a browser should work. When I tried Extension Warehouse in 2016 it failed, so just use a regular browser, then use Extension Manager to install the RBZ file.

I can’t remember and I don’t have 16 on this PC. In 2016 is the extension manager part of Preferences or a separate menu item under windows like it is now?

You’re right, 2016 had Extension Warehouse, but Extensions and Install Extension was still in Preferences.

The last 3 posts were key, Success!

Thanks guys, this old lady definitely appreciates the help. Any other extensions I can’t live without?

So, where is the web version of Sketchup? Dallas Maker Space (DMS) doesn’t have SU on their computers. I have asked for it, it requires an admin to install. I have spent beaucoup hours on SU feeding my 3D print habit at DMS. I had a stroke almost 4 years ago that left me in a wheelchair due to the left side being paralyzed, it has been a major moral booster.

Thank you again.

You should find the web version by clicking this link
It will allow you to work with sketchup in a different format but basically the same tools. It’s main limitation is an inability to install extensions.
But .stl export is built in.

Can it import a .stl file?

Yes it can, I just had to sign out to check, the free web version will insert .stl.

On another note, you don’t specifically say you are working one handed, but as SU is quite 2 handed it’s handy to know that you can use an onscreen keyboard as your second hand when needed. I posted a little gif about it here.

Copying Bezier Curves With Only One Hand Working