Copying Bezier Curves With Only One Hand Working


Ok guys, here’s my problem: and please don’t be rude because I checked the notes in the User’s Guide and it tells me to press the Ctr button while holding the mouse down with my other hand: well I have only one hand that works because of a stroke suffered 17 years ago. So, that doesn’t work, plus the “lines” that I need to copy when are actually six different Bezier curves, and each one is different, yet I need one copy of each. I’m sure that it can be done, I just don’t remember how to do it. Hopefully, I someone will hit the correct neuron in the damaged left side of my brain, and I’ll remember how to make copies.

So, could somebody help me figure out how to do this, without criticism, and only use my good hand on the mouse.

Thank you for your cooperation.


an image or the skp file would be really useful in offering advice…

in the meanwhile, have you though about using voice commands, there have been a couple of recent posts on the topic…



You can use an onscreen keyboard as it locks the ctrl key and shift etc when clicked.
This is all one handed. And a resizable keyboard so it doesn’t take up too much space.

How to use SketchUp without a keyboard

I think that the Windows Easy Access features like Sticky Keys are still there to try (even if the instructions you fínd when Googling them are mainly for turning them off when you have inadvertently turned them on).

Good idea, Box, especially as it doesn’t require switching your hand between the keyboard and mouse.



This video captures exactly what I need to do. It also sounds like a really good solution! Question: how do I go about getting an onscreen keyboard?

Is there a place over the Internet where I can order the onscreen keyboard from? The only place we have here in town is Best Buy, and believe me, they don’t carry products like that. (I live in a county that has a population of a little less than 500,000 people).


Windows 7 has a built in Onscreen keyboard. Which I believe you should find if you go Start/All programs/Accessories/Accessibility
I find it’s a bit big for Sketchup use.

Or the free one I use you can download from this link Here.

Need help with a keyboard for a disabled person

Thank you so much for the link. I downloaded the keyboard, then pressed the “Ctrl” key to see if it would work, then I accidentally clicked on a bunch of icons on my computer and dealt with all that, until I realized that “oh, darn, this thing really works”.

but I so needed this for the rest of my project will mostly be drawing a Bezier curve, and then copying it once, and then doing it again and again and again…

…so I am eternally grateful to you.


Oh yeah, what’s the name under which the keyboard is located under the list of programs? I had to turn off my computer and then I had a revelation of “duh, that keyboard worked, because I pushed the Ctrl button and then things got wacky which they would do if I had pressed the “Ctrl” button down on my regular keyboard”. But now I need to find it again.


Hope you found it as I went to be right after my last post.
But if you haven’t you’ll find it in All Programs as Free Virtual Keyboard.
Click on it once and you should get two menu options, the keyboard and an Uninstall option, right click on the keyboard and select Pin to Taskbar.
This will put it on the bottom bar for you to use whenever you need with just one click.


Thanks, I’lll do that.