Copy command won't work

Just upgrade to sketchup pro from make, copy command won’t work. Any suggestions

A little more information about the issue would be nice. Can you describe what are you you doing and seeing? What operation are you taking, and what are you expect to happen? Screenshot?

Are you talking about the menu (or Ctrc+c and Ctrl+v) is not working ? :thinking:

Or you have an issue to achive copy operation with the Move tool image ?

The functionality of some keys changed with the upgrade. Have a look at this and see if it helps.

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Iam trying to copy an object , I select the item i want to copy hold down the ctl key and select the move key and i expect the object to be copied.
it works with the su make but not on this version.

Don’t hold Ctrl. Just tap it once.

Look at the Skill Builder video posted by Guido.

Also look at the Release Notes to see what else is new. SketchUp Desktop 2021.1.2 | SketchUp Help

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have done all of the suggestions, still cannot get copy to work

What steps are you using exactly?

Here I pre-select the component, get the Move tool, tap Ctrl, grab the component and move the copy. Pre-selecting isn’t always necessary and you can start to move the object and then enable Copy by tapping Ctrl.

tried exactly what suggested, still does not work but by accident
i did this
1.selected object
2.selected move tool
3.tapped ctrl key
4.selected object again
5.tapped ctrl key again
dont understand why different than suggested steps
tks for the help

Sounds like you’ve got too many steps in there. Does the Move cursor show the + after you hit ctrl the first time? Or does it show something else?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator?

select object to copy
select move
righttap control
cursor shows move command
just uninstalled and reinstalled
right clicked and choose run as admin
open su and same issue

What do you mean by “right tap”?

What did you right click on to run as admin? The installer? Or the executable?

Run as administrator


On which did you use Run as administrator? The downloaded installer or the executable that starts SketchUp? It should be the downloaded installer, not the executable.

Here is how I do it:

1 - I select the object to move.

2 - I select the Move Tool with a click of the Left Mouse Button (LMB). A click is a press THEN a release of the button.

3 - I click the CTRL button (on PC) or Option (on Mac) to enable the Copy Mode. A + sign appears near the cursor, telling me that I am indeed in Copy Mode. Notice that a click of the key is a press THEN a release of the key.

4 - I position the cursor over some geometry of the selected object. I don’t touch any button or key.

5 - THEN I click the LMB to grab the object by the geometry under the cursor. It can be an endpoint, a midpoint, an edge, a face, etc.

6 - I move the mouse to position the copy somewhere, the object shall follow the cursor as if it is glued to it.

7 - I click again the LMB to drop the object to its new position. Notice that this position can be arbitrary or obtained with a snap from a geometry on another object.

thanks for all the help, issue resolved

How was it resolved?

Perhaps he “listened” to the advice he was given.


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