Can't seem to copy in SketchUp Pro 2022 with my new Logitech Keyboard...I have several projects and desperately need to get this going

I have a new powerful Dell workstation and new wireless Logitech MK850 mouse and keyboard. Very nice but none of the copy functions work! Trying everything and did reboot just in case. Right click copy, control C all work in other applications (email, Word, etc). Just not in SU 2022. I am also new to 2022 so perhaps I should know some setting? Help?

There is no right click copy in SketchUp.

Ctrl+C will copy a selection. What is the selection, though?

Where are you trying to paste to?

Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you are working with and give you some specific advce.

The old Ctrl +C doesn’t work. the solution is to select objects, use the Move command and then only tap the cntrl key and the selection set can be copied. This apparently is a new process in 2021.

That does work for me. Of course after using Ctrl+C you need to use Ctrl+V, Edit>Paste, or Edit>Paste in place.

Yes, tapping Ctrl with Move as opposed to holding Ctrl with Move was a change made with 2021, as described in the release notes. Tapping Ctrl twice after selecting Move switches to the Stamp mode.

Can you direct me to where they hide the release notes?

Right at the top of the page: Help Center | SketchUp Help where it says Release Notes.

Out of curiosity, do you have Logitech Options installed?

you could try the deprecated keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl+Insert” (“Shift+Delete” for cutting) / “Shift+Insert” from ol’ Win 3.x.

Try going to window>preferences>shortcuts. In the filter box type copy. What is shown for the shortcut? ctrl+C?

Edit/copy is listed as ctrl+C but it does not work. this is the old method prior to 2021. Now you select the objects to be copied, then M or move and then just tap the ctrl key, a +sign appears near the move icon and it is in the copy mode.

No. You have it wrong. Ctrl+C still works to copy a selection to the clipboard. Move with Ctrl has always been another option for copying. That’s not new. Generally it is easier to use Move/Copy to make copies that are precisely placed.