How to use SketchUp without a keyboard

Can you please advise on a way to use sketchUp without the keyboard.
My friend can use only right hand, so it’s an issue for him to use the keyboard shortcuts and press the Ctrl button and operate the mouse simultaneously.
I would imagine that the Gamers mouse can help as keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to a particular buttons on it. But I have never worked that way and also maybe there are some other better options out there , like 3d mouse for example? (Would appreciate you’ll name the make and the model when advising)

Thank you!

using an onscreen keyboard may be another option…

@Box posted some helpful links on here ‘somewhere’


Why not just use the on screen menus? Am I missing something?

@pault728, there’s no menu entry for Ctrl, Shift, All, etc… The modifier keys for the various tools.You can’t activate Auto-fold from a menu for example.

Have a look here.

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Thank you very much. Will pass it on
Do I understand it right that using some special type of mouse wont help?

A special mouse–one with buttons that can be mapped to keys would probably be useful. It would be possible to then map the modifier keys to some of them. The trick will be to lay out the buttons so they can be held for certain tasks. For example Alt must be held for Autofold, Ctrl and Shift must be held while adding to selections. Maybe take your friend mouse shopping so he can handle the mice.

Perhaps sticky keys could be helpful to emulate a key being pressed down while your friend has his hand on the mouse.