Is there a command key for copy or do just use control c

Is there a command key for copy or do I just use control c in windows?

You can either use ctrl+c / ctrl+v or create a custom key command in the shortcut menu.

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ctrl with the move tool makes copies.

An old chestnut. And one I have bored on about many times. Most CAD software does have a dedicated one-stroke copy command. The way SU is set up is that it sees it as a sub-species of the Move command and, as with other commands, uses a control key to distinguish between the two.

My own view is that commands that are used frequently should not have to rely on a double key and lack of dedicated icon as it slows things down. Those that support it will point out that there is not much difference in speed once you get used to it. I have been using SU for over a decade and I haven’t got used to it. Maybe it’s just me!

The Windows version has an icon for copy and for paste

In the Standard Toolbar. You can create your own toolbar too, on Windows…

You would have to select the object first, though.
In SketchUp, the Move command is actually a Selector, too, without clicking. (In most CAD software, when selecting an entity, you can Move it once selected, but you would have to keep clicking…just like in LayOut)

Most of the times, when requesting features in LayOut, one refers to the UI and way things are in SketchUp…

Jack, I think we may have been round this circuit before! Copy as in Copy & Paste is different from the copy command normally found in CAD. In AC, for example, if you select an item and then hit copy, you can keep depositing copies with a single click until you exit the command. In SU, you have to keep hitting the Cmd button each time. Or if you have copied to the clipboard, you have to hit Cmd and V.

It’s a time and motion thing for me.

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