Problem with copying with the latest version

I find the latest version has made copying virtually impossible and is slowing me down. What happened to the control key. Takes forever to get this to function. Is there an issue or what am I doing wrong?

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Thanks…I find this annoying now but will get the hang of it.

i am getting it. thanks it’s not bad.

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I don’t know how difficult it would have been to do, but it’s a shame developers didn’t give users the option to use the new method or the old one.

Of course, and I know this is an old chestnut, the problem only occurs because Sketchup insists on thinking of copying as a sub-brand of the Move command. All other CAD systems I have used have dedicated Move and Copy commands.

Long time since I used a CAD program but SketchUp has a dedicated copy command in the form of ctrl+c / ctrl+v…?

How would a dedicated copy command work in SketchUp if it were to emulate a CAD program?