Latest Sketchup version is laggy for everything....ARGH! There is this tiny pause

So yes its reverted back to the way move and copy worked before but now its laggy!! Which is WAY worse. How do I revert to an old version? I cant work like this. I have restarted my computer but its still laggy.

Version 21.1.331

Can we just get a copy command separate from Move? It is such a horrible habit to get into to do two different things in one command (like how move and doodle are combined in Preview for Mac…horrible!!) . Keep move the same way and just add copy. Then you can have the multiply copy thing there for an option. I am constantly moving something that I wanted to copy and then going into other programs and trying to copy things with the move command…


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I need to work. How do I get the last version?..

Would it help to try the stamp mode, To activate Stamp, press the Copy modifier key twice before the first click of a Move operation. Once you start moving an object (quoted from Dezmo) It’s all in the release notes Found here.

Na been using sketchup for years and have always wanted these commands separated. Stamp mode is fine but I think it belongs on a dedicate copy command not on move. Move already has too much in it that doesn’t belong there IMO. I am sure there is a ruby script out there for copy just have not looked into it.

Ok went back to 2020 and works fine. I will just wait until the problem is sorted

Whilst I wholeheartedly support your request, this is something I have been gunning for for many years. It would bring SU in line with most other CAD programs. But I have found that it only seems to bug a select group of us. Result is, it ain’t something Trimble are going to spend time on. I have pretty much given up trying to get it or persuade others of its benefits.


My hope would be that Trimble would spend its time on real improvements and new features to the modelling software and not on minor tweaks to the user interface.


Agreed. But try getting consensus on what constitutes “real improvements”! For some, making something you do dozens of times a day that little bit easier might count for more than, say, developing something niche like Live Components. You pays yer money, and yer takes yer pick, as we say over here!


That would probably not be forthcoming. But the modelling part of SketchUp has not got any real new features since Dynamic Components, Solid and Sandbox tools. And, to be honest, all three are somewhat lame and half-baked, with bugs that have not received attention for years. Where are Fat Faces, NURBS, robust solids etc. Has anything been done to remove the small and large model constraints?


That is 11 years since SketchUp was acquired by Trimble.

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Incorrect, Trimble aquired SketchUp from Google in 2012. DC’s where introduced in version 7 released on 17th november 2008. Then, almost two years later (first of October 2010) versio 8 saw the light (with advanced cameras for every Pro user and Solid tools.
Then, Google lost interest and sold it to Trimble two years after that. Trimble introduced a few modeling tools, like Arcs and rotated rectangle, nothing spectacular, but refined the inference system and ‘under the hood’ improvements, mainly.

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That’s what I understood, Trimble bought (we’ll say almost 10 years ago… that’s a lot 10 years of underdevelopment) SketchUp in the middle of the SketchUp 8 cycle by adding uninteresting functions to v8 in an update. After version 7, there were important functions added by Google such as the rendering engine which allowed us without too many limitations and even on not very fast machines, to manipulate large detailed models. And then the v8 with the very elegant notion of solids while Sketchup is not a solid modeler.
We paid (M&S plan) which was used to develop something else (under the hood) such as the refinement of the licensing system (with its restrictions), a web version which replaces the free version, etc…


I have not felt any new features either since Trimble. Mainly I see Layout changes but my layout is Autocad so I dont see those changes. The last version of Sketchup tried to add multi copy to the move tool (then fixed it back and add double tap), removed the amazing function of being able to add tags thru the entity box :(… and that’s it I think? Adding copy would literally take a second and then you could add multi copy to it. I have given up asking for new even slightly complex features because I am sure to get yelled at for trying to ruin the simplicity of Sketchup…ugh. Which I totally do not want to do but adding depth that does not effect performance like say adding lights, reflections and emissive materials isn’t too much to ask. Especially now with processors handling live lighting & reflections… A live version that does not need rendering like Twinmotion, Unreal, Lumion etc would be really nice. Argh going to stop…Oh and Layout should be a viewport in Sketchup …Never used style builder so nothing to say other than probably do not need it…Ok shutting up. Just want copy for now so and maybe WASD camera movement and maybe camera collision so you could stay in a room and adjust the camera without getting stuck in a wall or flying into space…Copy should have been there from the beginning honestly.

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Adding copy would not take time. It is a command that is already there just merged with move. Literally just make a command that skips the modifier key and copies when pressing “C” or whatever shortcut it would be since circle is “C” but would be copy on my machine.