(Move copy)/(Rotate copy) not working

Hi all - newbie issue I suspect, but just re-installed SU Pro 2021 onto a different PC, backed-up and imported my shortcuts, and just cannot get these commands to work.
On any shape or opject, select M (move), then Ctrl+C - all that happens is that I can move the object, no copy created.
Equally, on any shape or object, select Q (rotate), then Ctrl+C - all that happens is the selected object rotates.
I’ve had a look throught past posts and followed any suggestions I can find (including resetting preferences), as well as re-loading the software (using “Run as administrator” option), re-booted, no change. It has me stumped.
Any advice much appreciated.

There was a recent change to the system that means ctrl is a toggle, perhaps that is your issue.
Try tapping ctrl rather than holding it.

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Wow, that was super fast, thank you! How did I not know about this???

It’s very recent and not entirely popular.

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I was using this functionality yesterday on my laptop, installed to my desktop today, and it was different… odd that I couldn’t find any reference to the change. In any event, very much appreciate the prompt re-direct! :slight_smile:

Whatever you do with SU, observe the Status Bar below the Model Window. It tells you all the options that are available after choosing any tool like a press of a modifier key or other options.

If it tells you to press the Ctrl key it means only that key. You don’t need to press the C key. BTW Ctrl-C is for Copy, Ctrl-V is for Paste and Ctrl-X is for Cut like the vast majority of other softwares.

You can copy an object with SU with Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V. But the way that is more precise is to use the Move Tool with a modifier key that tells the tool to move a copy, thus leaving the original in place. You can also move multiple copies by adding xN or Nx where x is the distance between the original and the copy and N is the number of copies that you want. You also have an option of moving a copy away and then distributing copies between the original and the first copy by using /N where N is the number of intervals between the copies.

Read the help about the Move Tool and also about the Rotate Tool that allows the same possibilities of doing multiple copies.

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Published on the day the changes happened - Aaron explains most of the changes and practicability of them here;


Thank you for this - yes, that is exactly the functionality that I’ve been using: Ctrl+C/V/X for Copy/Paste/Cut - however, I just was not aware of the change allowing Ctrl to act as the modifier on its own…
I hadn’t realised how much I use this - Rotate, Move, create multiple elements, set spacial separations, etc. - I suddenly remembered how much time I used to waste before I know how to use these tools! And thanks for the tip on checking the status bar - just been looking at that now. The way it works now is actually more intuitive once you get out of the “+C” habit.

Ctrl has been used as a modifier for many tools for years and years. At least back to SketchUp 3 and probably even before that. There’s nothing new about that. The recent change in SU2021.1 is that it’s a toggle thing now meaning you don’t have to hold Ctrl for operations where you used to. It’s always been a toggle for Copy with Move and Rotate although now it “sticks” after the first move or roation so you can repeat the copying if you want.

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Is there anyway I can turn this back to what it was previously? I have used SketchUp since 2003 and this latest change has caused me huge issues in trying to change 18 years of instinctive key pressing.

Photoshop did the same a few years ago, you used to hold shift to constrain the X & Y scale, now you press shift to NOT constrain.

I find it VERY frustrating that software developers change the way the software is used.

SketchUp, Pleeeeease put an option in for turning this on / off for oldies like me

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Do you have the current version of 2021 installed? 21.1.332.

No, Not had chance to update recently, i’m on 21.1.299

Does it have an update that does this?

Yes. It does.

Read the Release Notes, too.

Hi, Im sorry Dave the notes are quite confusing for a technology challenged user. I’m on a mac and usually use the move tool and hold the option key down to create multiple items but can’t seem to decipher the new instructions. Is there are way to go back to the old way?

Sorry I should say Ive also updated to the newest version if that makes any difference!

Don’t hold the Option key. Just tap it and release. The Copy function will be set. If you double tap Option it’ll switch to Stamp mode and you can place copies wherever you click.

First single tap of Option to make a copy of the cylinder. Then double tap to stamp copies of the other shape.

Please update your profile. It still shows you are using 2019.

Hi, similar problem. I understand the change to the copy feature (release control), but I can’t get it to work when I type in a distance. The copy just disappears.

What’s the distance you’re typing? You aren’t clicking in the Measurements window are you?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

So weird and just like someone else reported years ago, it’s working fine now. For what it’s worth, I’ve been using Sketchup almost exclusively for 19 years. Hadn’t had this problem before and had even been using the new release for the last few days on the same model. I don’t think I was having this issue either. It started today and definitely limited to copy distance in the blue axis (like the other person reported). Seems fine now.