(Move copy)/(Rotate copy) not working

Hi all - newbie issue I suspect, but just re-installed SU Pro 2021 onto a different PC, backed-up and imported my shortcuts, and just cannot get these commands to work.
On any shape or opject, select M (move), then Ctrl+C - all that happens is that I can move the object, no copy created.
Equally, on any shape or object, select Q (rotate), then Ctrl+C - all that happens is the selected object rotates.
I’ve had a look throught past posts and followed any suggestions I can find (including resetting preferences), as well as re-loading the software (using “Run as administrator” option), re-booted, no change. It has me stumped.
Any advice much appreciated.

There was a recent change to the system that means ctrl is a toggle, perhaps that is your issue.
Try tapping ctrl rather than holding it.

Wow, that was super fast, thank you! How did I not know about this???

It’s very recent and not entirely popular.

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I was using this functionality yesterday on my laptop, installed to my desktop today, and it was different… odd that I couldn’t find any reference to the change. In any event, very much appreciate the prompt re-direct! :slight_smile:

Whatever you do with SU, observe the Status Bar below the Model Window. It tells you all the options that are available after choosing any tool like a press of a modifier key or other options.

If it tells you to press the Ctrl key it means only that key. You don’t need to press the C key. BTW Ctrl-C is for Copy, Ctrl-V is for Paste and Ctrl-X is for Cut like the vast majority of other softwares.

You can copy an object with SU with Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V. But the way that is more precise is to use the Move Tool with a modifier key that tells the tool to move a copy, thus leaving the original in place. You can also move multiple copies by adding xN or Nx where x is the distance between the original and the copy and N is the number of copies that you want. You also have an option of moving a copy away and then distributing copies between the original and the first copy by using /N where N is the number of intervals between the copies.

Read the help about the Move Tool and also about the Rotate Tool that allows the same possibilities of doing multiple copies.

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Published on the day the changes happened - Aaron explains most of the changes and practicability of them here;

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Thank you for this - yes, that is exactly the functionality that I’ve been using: Ctrl+C/V/X for Copy/Paste/Cut - however, I just was not aware of the change allowing Ctrl to act as the modifier on its own…
I hadn’t realised how much I use this - Rotate, Move, create multiple elements, set spacial separations, etc. - I suddenly remembered how much time I used to waste before I know how to use these tools! And thanks for the tip on checking the status bar - just been looking at that now. The way it works now is actually more intuitive once you get out of the “+C” habit.

Ctrl has been used as a modifier for many tools for years and years. At least back to SketchUp 3 and probably even before that. There’s nothing new about that. The recent change in SU2021.1 is that it’s a toggle thing now meaning you don’t have to hold Ctrl for operations where you used to. It’s always been a toggle for Copy with Move and Rotate although now it “sticks” after the first move or roation so you can repeat the copying if you want.

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