Simple additions


I really wish there was a single icon/command for the following:


I know there are relatively easy ways to achieve this already but for commonly used commands every extra keystroke counts when working at speed.

I would also like to see an ability to nest layers so that you can group them and turn them on and off in groups.


There is. It (and the paste icon) is on the Standard toolbar. You can create custom toolbars and put copies of these icons on them


This has been requested many times (as a native built-in feature.)

There is a plugin that attempts to add layers groups to SketchUp.


Ctrl+C is copy, Ctrl+V = Paste. That’s standard. I added Ctrl+Shift+V for Paste in place. There are a few Mirror plugins already for toolbar button-lovers. Mirroring is a bit special as the mirroring plane varies.


I don’t think “copy” could be any simpler; just move (or rotate) an object and tap [ctrl] to apply the movement to a copy.

Although I think there could be be an improvement to the paste function - if there was a key to toggle the location of the pasted object between “paste in place” and attached to the mouse. (after pasted)

If Pasted in Place was used, then I would like to be able to use [shift] to move the pasted object along a constrained line from the ‘in place’ location. (and values could be typed in)

It would also be handy if the pasted object/objects were attached to the mouse by the copied selection’s axis.

It would also be useful if the pasted object was “ghosted” over the current geometry until placed. (So that if you rotate the view, you can still see where the object is attached to the mouse and if “paste in place” was used over a duplicate, you could see it highlighted.)

(I added [ctrl+shift+v] for paste in place too :slight_smile: )



Really? Why can’t I see it then? I have to use Move and my Alt key on the mac. Can’t see Paste either but I’m not so bothered about that as Cmd-V is easy enough with one hand.

As for Mirror, I am familiar with the two ways SU have of doing it but all CAD systems have a ready made command as they know it is used so frequently. So why not SU?

Also, is there any shortcut for updating drawings in Layout? I either have to make sure the inserted drawing is unlocked and context right click or go to Document Setup, all quite long winded for something that I need to do a lot as I shuttle between SU and LO.




My old-faithful Mirror tool mimics AutoCAD’s tool.
Select what you want to process.
Pick three points to define any plane.
A Mirrored copy is made.
You can then choose to keep/delete the original - just like in AutoCAD…

You can also use one and two point picks to get different results

Get it “free” from here…
To date it has ~32,000 users, so it must do something right ?!


On PC, we go to View (menu) > Toolbars… (first item) and then check (on the Toolbars dialog,) what additional toolbars we want to have open.

Position them and close SketchUp to save their positions.

You won’t see any of the buttons on the Standard toolbar, if it is not visible.


I think this must be a PC/Mac issue. I am pretty sure the icons you have on PC are not necessarily available on Mac version.

Thanks for help though.



Thank you TIG, exactly what is needed!



With regard to the “Paste in Place” and a feature request: I would like the “place” to be relative to the current axis (or at least have an option to make it so)

(If you move the main axis between copying and pasting in place, it has no influence on the placement of the object copied)