Basic Functionality

Hello, my suggestions for enhancements is:

New Function

  1. Mirror Function - yeah I know I can copy and use Scale but I should not have to.
  2. Bevel - yup I know the push tool can do this but sometimes it does not work for small curves
  3. Align Tool - Allow me to pick one or more points on objects and have Sketchup align the respective objects to those points or at the very least basic alignment like align objects to their respective centres.
  4. Enable the introduction of “Nodes” to modify a line
  5. Introduce a Weld function to make multiple lines one single line
  6. Create a sphere - should not have to use the Follow Me tool just to create a sphere
  7. Colour Select tool for faster matching of colour materials - for example a wooden floor and the wooden Baseboard - both came from different images … a basic colour selection tool to match a colour would be very helpful.


  1. Zoom In - when trying to zoom in on a component, it OFTEN blocks my access to that item by either removing the image all together or cutting parts of it out?!
  2. Create Material - Every time I edit a material, the material toolbar automatically creates a new material … all I wanted to do was edit the colour of existing material. Would be better if I can opt to create a new material name.
  3. Enhance the speed - even with my new computer I find it can be sluggish

+1 for this. Just copy AutoCAD Align tool and you’ve got it.

+1 from me.

And what about adding:

Copy command (ie a dedicated one not a species of the Move command)?

There is a Copy command not associated with the Move tool already, though.

You tease me strangely, Dave.

Not meant to tease. Cmd+C and Cmd+V are the keyboard shortcuts for Copy and Paste. Or you can access the commands from the Edit menu.

There’s also ThomThom’s Repeat Place Component

Dave, there was a very lengthy thread I started back in 2016 about this (Copy command (or lack of it)). It transpired that some things are only possible in the Windows version (like having a dedicated copy icon). Eventually at post 24/25 Steve Baumgartner admitted that I had a point. I think some time after that it was he who actually wrote a bit of code for me that did what I wanted. Unfortunately, it stopped working after SU2019 was issued.

I think my mistake here is in saying there isn’t a Copy command (of the kind I mean) when that may only be true for Mac users.

It’s been a little while since I’ve used SketchUp on my Mac but I do remember using Copy and Paste. Maybe something has changed with it.

Frankly I’m not a huge fan of just pasting because it can take more work to place an entity where I want it than use Move/Copy.

I think this is more of a UI issue than a functionality question. Mac certainly has a copy, cut, paste and paste in place functionality, it does not have the ability to make a custom menu bar button for those functions. I’m so used to using the shortcuts for these from way before Sketchup as they have been standard keyboard shortcuts on Mac for 25 years it didn’t occur to me to need a button. It is true that the Mac has fewer/no option for customizing toolbars, which means no copy button.

I hesitate to go over old ground, but just to make sure I am not being thick…

If I want to move something, I can set a keyboard shortcut such as M. I can then select item, hit M, move item. Or I can hit M first then select item and move it. If I want to move it again, it’s all done with the mouse. No more keys. And no control keys at any point.

My wishlist would include being able to do exactly that for copying but using a different (single) shortcut key. If SU cannot do that, it falls short of my wishlist.

I don’t think anyone else dislikes having to use a Control key as much as me. I find it a bit like the difference between reaching for the right screwdriver as opposed to grabbing the handle and having to fit the right end before working.

Sorry. I forget that those making Feature Requests usually don’t want an extension even if that would do what they ask at least until such time as a feature is added.

As I said above, I did have an extension that worked pretty well for me up to release of SU 2019. I don’t really mind whether it is an extension or not.

I couldn’t find an extension called Copy by ThomThom.

Try the one I mentioned and demonstrated in my post earlier.

Have downloaded it but can’t get it working. It has a small arrow to the right of it in the menu but there is nothing contained in it (usually there is a sub menu). Clicking on Place Component before or after selecting something does nothing. Do I need to restart SU?

Is it just for Groups/Components? Obviously the Move command will move anything selected, grouped or not.

According to the description:
Screenshot - 5_3_2020 , 1_48_31 PM

Maybe try restarting SketchUp to make sure it loaded.