Why SketchUp don't integrate the mirror function?

I use SketchUp a lot to create my models and it’s a very quick and easy software! Very beautiful!
Unfortunately, I noticed that an important function is missing from the software … the mirroring.
Why hasn’t SketchUp integrated this feature into their software for a long time? I believe this is one of the main and fundamental basic functions that would help and speed up the creation of our models a lot.

Thank You

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  1. Flipping, Mirroring, Rotating and Arrays | SketchUp Help

  2. You can use the Scale tool and enter e.g. . -1 (negative value) to mirror

  3. There are extensions to achieve e.g: Search | SketchUp Extension Warehouse
    3.a SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

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Thank You.
I know that is possible use different shortcuts to archive the goal…
But why SketchUp don’t add directly this simple and basic function? This is my question


I guess, because " that is possible use different shortcuts to archive the goal…" already. :wink:

I am one of the (apparently) few who agree with you. Most long term users seem content with what exists and which @dezmo has highlighted.

I use two different plugins to do the job (neither is perfect in every case). But it would probably be better implemented if it was native.

The other similar omission is a dedicated Copy command. In SU, Copy is a sub-species of Move.

It may be that those of us who bemoan these omissions were spoilt by having used other CAD software previously.

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I have nothing against a mirror tool if it can be well implemented. But in a 3D application it is not simple. For it to work you have to define a 3D plane that can be in any orientation. Mirror commands in CAD and BIM applications are 2D tools. AutoCad has a 3D mirror command but I don’t know of anyone who knows how to make it work with predictable results.


There are far more important things I wish they would fix rather than bothering with a mirror tool that only does what is already simple. Sure make a mirror tool that is integrated, why not make a cube tool that is integrated, or a window tool.
The basic tools work, learning to use them seems to be the problem in many cases.


I also agree. It has long been the SketchUp developer’s practice to give low priority to adding features that can be done well by existing extensions or native tools. It is, of course, a different question when something is painfully slow when done by an extension, but that’s not the case here.


I’d like to see some example of situations where a mirror function would be better than the options available.

I’ll start with something simple.


Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for 2 different ideas about mirroring any object using any mirroring axis.

Mirror along any plane.skp (65.8 KB)

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mirroring is a basic transformation tool (as moving, rotating, scaling/stretching) common in more or less every CAD system and has obviously nothing to do with primitives or high level functionality, i.e. apples with pears.

Mirroring by scaling with “-1” ( :dizzy_face: ) needs to be explained/evaluated and is therefore counter-intuitive and has nothing to do with being already simple.

I know, SU regulars don’t see the point… when you know something, everything is easy.

Yes, I remember learning it by watching a tutorial.

So sick of people saying things should be intuitive, people are not born educated and need to learn things.

The scaling feature is too fraught with difficulty for me. There are a couple mirroring extensions that work great, never had any problem with them. Simply pick three point to define mirroring plane.

you don’t need to learn this by watching a tutorial or sucking your mothers breast, you would as always just go to the modification toolbar where all the common transformation tools are located… normally.

With SU claiming to be the most intuitive 3D modeler (“3D for Everyone”) things should work the way people are used to by every other construction and design application… the reason why ‘Layers’ were renamed to ‘Tags’ lately.

Don’t be sick if others try to provide constructive critizism, defending things owning is for fan boys.

Why, if you had never used any 3d software. Why would you look there rather than look to a teacher to get some advice.

I find it funny that you imply I am a fanboy and yet you sell the product.

because all transformation tools intuitively tend to be at the modification toolbar… :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Seriously, that is your response!? Most people look to google and unfortunately the first thing at the top of the page is the answer.
Do you know that possibly as many as 30 million Americans believe that there is a kabal of politicians that eat babies.

these are different things, improvements can be possible even for the beloved stuff… c’mon, this is a simple feature request.