.STL files

Have 2016 cannot see any extensions available for import/export .stl

Are we banned from extensions if we are not paying for later version of sketcup? I don’t seem to have access to extension warehouse

You should install this extension, then you will find a new menu item under file, Export stl.


Search the forum for similar problems (“you are not connected to the internet”, things like that) reported by other users, most commonly when using SketchUp 2018. @colin has posted a procedure to resolve some apparent internet connectivity issues by modifying one of SketchUp’s internal files (which worked for me with 2018).

The warehouses, both Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse don’t support SU2016 because Internet Explorer is no longer supported and there are security issues with it. You can go to the Extensoin Warehouse via your internet browser and download extensions. Then install them via Install Extension in SketchUp.

This isn’t a situation like the thing @TDahl refers to.

Please complete your forum profile with SketchUp version and license along with the actual graphics card. That information helps us help you.