Downloading STL extension

I’m trying to download the .STL Export extension from extension warehouse. When I do so it asks me for an email and password. When I click “Forgot password” and ask it to reset I always get the message "Something went wrong. Please wait till we resolve the issue."
I’ve tried multiple times over the last day, so I’m guessing this is not just a temporary problem. What can I do to get the extension?


At bottom left of SU screen check to see if you are logged in there if not click there and log in . If you are given the option of using Google login or Trimble select Trimble. You will have to enter user name and create new pass word ( Trimble uses diff password rules vs Google login screen) and select the check box so it remembers you. Then see if you can select extension warehouse within SU.
hope that works for you worked for me.
Tried ti save in drop box here