Any way to recover downloaded extensions


My system drive recently had a catastrophic failure. I am in the midst of reinstalling all my software and customizing with all my preferences, add-ons, etc.

My question is, is there a way to retrieve all the extensions that I had downloaded for SketchUp, or a list or similar in Trimble or elsewhere in the cloud where I can have an idea of what extensions I had previously?

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From the extension warehouse click on the down arrow and choose extensions

From Sketchucation you need the Extension store tool bar.

Clicking on that menu can lead to many seconds of delay. Instead, point at your profile and then in the menu that appears choose My Extensions.

Any that you have downloaded in the past will show up, with an Install link next to each one. Some may be further down the page, if the extension hasn’t been tested in 2019.


Wow, that was quick! Thank you both. I did know that from a long time ago and had forgotten…

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Colin: Exactly how do I get to “my profile” that you mention, so that I can look for the “My Extensions” menu that’s supposed to appear?

You login with your Google or Trimble account.

(Whatever it was when you last installed extensions from the EW or models from the 3DW.)

If you are connecting to Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp. Log in from SketchUp before opening the Extension Warehouse window.

Look down at the lower left corner of the status bar:


If the person (user) icon is greyed out, you are not logged in, so click the icon.
A login window will popup for you to login.

I’ve never had any “login” before. I’d have no idea what to log in with, or how to do it.

I just told you above “how to”. If you never logged in to any of the SketchUp warehouse sites before, then you can use the login that you signed into this forum with, or use some other Google account (if you wish) or create a new Trimble account (if you wish.) The create account links should be on the login popup screen.

Unfortunately, if you manually installed all you previous extensions, and this was years ago, this all likely predated the “My Extension” feature that remembers what you install, and helps you to upgrade and migrate extensions to new versions.

So, to begin the process, you’ll need to login from within SketchUp, open the Extension Warehouse window, search and browse for extensions you wish to install, and install them.
Recommend that you restart SketchUp after the process of installing any extension(s).
From now on the EW will remember what you install under that login account, and in the future you can see a list of what you’ve installed under “My Extensions”.

P.S. - Get a small notebook or Steno pad to keep by your computer with account names, URLs, passwords and security answers. Then when you need to login to some account (especially from another computer, if say you main machine breaks down, then you have a record of the credentials.)
A hacker somewhere, malware accidentally installed, cannot hack a paper steno pad.

Although it pains me to disagree, I must. You did not tell me how to do it. You told me how you do it. I didn’t understand any of it, and so it was meaningless instruction that told me nothing. Sometimes, people forget that not everyone knows everything they know, and treat us accordingly. This causes significant frustration on the part of the person who thinks they’re helping, and an extreme feeling of stupidity on the part of the person who is seeking the help.

If you had told me how to do it, it would have included step by step instructions, that even a five year old could have followed.


If you open Extension Warehouse from the Window menu, and in the upper right of the window you see Sign In, then sign in with the account that you previously used when getting extensions. If it already shows your name, you’re signed in, and you can point at your name to see the menu that includes My Extensions.

I DID. In the very post above which you said …

I told you specifically how to log and posted “purty pictures”, viz:

I also gave you extensive instructions in another post … along with a link to the online User Guide for installing and managing extensions (which has not been clicked on.)


There is a list of online user guides for all SketchUp products.

I suggest you bookmark it, or save a shortcut to it on your desktop, etc. Refer it these guides in the future when you need help.

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Are you really 5 years old? My private time is valuable too me, and I am done wasting my time with someone who will not take their own time to read and learn for themselves and just sit an whine and complain when people take their own time to try to help them help themselves.

You are not willing. If you have enough “smarts” to post forum questions, you should have enough to read the manuals that were created to explain what you need to know.

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So you can just sit there and b-i-t-c-h forever for all I care, (which I no longer do).

I am done with you! You are muted.

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Colin, this is very encouraging info. I just clicked on my profile and after “loading” see a bunch of plug-ins both compatable and incomapatable. They are all listed as (uninstalled) however, even though I believe some are active? Regardless, I will delve into this more and assume it’s just a matter of going through them to verify, remove or isntall.
On this note, one of the biggest aversions I have to updating Sketchup (I made update purchase this year to 2019 Pro and have ingored the “newer version available” for many months) is that I don’t want to have to rebuild/ locate all of my tools and onscreen arrangements. When you’re busy producing work it’s hard to find that perfect break to do this and take the time to rebuilkd everythging. Is there something similar to allow you to simply update the version of sketchup and yet keep your screen settings? That would be a real game changer for me! Thank You in advance for your reply. David

That has been requested before, about keeping everything the same between major versions. When you see an update for the current major version, your tools and extensions should end up where they were. For example, if you had installed SketchUp 2019 on February 5th, you would have seen an update notice after March 21st, and another one after July 15th. Neither of those would have moved your tools.

OK, so I upgraded from 2017 to 2019 March 15th. I now have all of my tools where I want them. All I need to do is go to “check for update” now and go ahead and run it and all is good? I ask as you used the past tense in your description so just wanted to make sure still applicable? Thanks Colin!

The March 15th one may have taken a week or two to spread around, so there is a good chance that you have 2019.0. You would go straight to 2019.2, skipping 2019.1, and your tools and extensions would be in the same place.

You should read through this topic first, in case you’re using one of the extensions that may not work with 2019.2:

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