I cannot Login to my account, nor reset it

I have just downloaded Sketchup Pro 2016 on my work computer, after having used a trial version and then the free Sketchup Make. I deleted those, purchased my new licence but i am now unable to login to access the extensions warehouse. I need to use the create faces tool, which I am frustrated to learn is now an extension I need to download. I created a Trimble password but it tells me “Login Failed” when I type my password, and when I try to reset my password it says “Something went wrong. Please wait till we resolve the issue.” Reading the forums it seems like it might be some old information cached on my computer but I am unable to find the cookiejar.xml or session.dat. I am under a tight deadline for work, does anyone have a suggestion or potential work around I can use to download the Utilities extension? Thanks

Try direct login if you have not done http://extensions.sketchup.com