Can't login to extension warehouse - Authorization failed

“Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try signing in again.”

Seems your changes with login system broke it for me, it was working fine until those change of yours (I was automatically logged every time I launched sketchup, not anymore).

  • updated IE to newest
  • cleared everything for IE (cache etc)
  • can login without problems in chrome and ie, it just plainly doesn’t work inside sketchup
  • left-corner button for logout not being useful (it just opens login window)
  • I can see the graphical info about new login system (all those hints, ‘let’s get started’ button, that gives this error message after clicking it)
  • deleted .jar files in appdata sketchup folder, none session.dat files

Irritating. Can’t install trial extensions.

Same exact problem! any solutions?

just solved it for me by accident,
after you get the error message press the back button, it brought me to the correct login screen and let me login this time