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I have recently changed computers, and can no longer download extensions, because I cannot get into Trimble. I run Sketchup Make 2016, because it came with the printer that I bought, and it does everything that I need. However, being a klutz, I always found ThomThom’s Solid inspector invaluable in the past, and need to download it to the new machine.
Trimble recognises my email address, but not what I thought was my password. Trying to reset it, I just get sent around in an endless loop. So I can see everything in the Extension Warehouse, but not download it. New (rebuilt old) machine runs Windows 10 Home, Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 graphics, and my browser is Opera. Mostly I get along on my own, but now I really need help.

Try to clear the webcache in the browsers. Some browsers do not get along well with Trimble ID.
Your version uses the default browser IE, so you have to clear that cache, too.

To get your password send, try another browser (Chrome/Firefox) which are known to have less problems.
In the browser, go to and try to sign in.

Or use this link to retrieve:

Retrieve password Trimble ID

There is a decent chance that four years ago you signed in with a Google ID and not a Trimble ID. Try using the Sign in with Google option.


Thanks, Mike. Both of your suggestions took me back to that same endless loop that defeated me before BUT - they also tipped me over the edge into the “You have been locked out…” scenario. From there, the “reset your password” link worked immediately. So, that is at least one person that you have made happy today.
Regards, Peter.

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Colin. A very worthwhile suggestion. No good, because I don’t have a Google ID - as far as I know, but who really knows what Google has? Mike’s suggestion worked in a roundabout way, so problem solved and thanks for your response.
Regards, Peter.

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