STL file for SketchUp16 -



I cannot get the STL plug in to work in SketchUp16. Is it ready to be used with SketchUp16?


It works perfectly for me.
Assuming you mean the one available in the Extension Warehouse.


I have had no problem, either. Are you saying that it is not exporting a file when you try to use it? Or are you unable to install it?


As an aside, you can generate an STL, and have it improved for 3D printing by Materialise using 3dwarehouse.


Is it SketchUp 16 ready? This is what I get:

Now I know it works in SketchUp 16 - but why aren’t SketchUp’s own extensions signed and marked as compatible with for SketchUp 16 yet?


I got it, too, but it worked for the samples I ran. I’m checking on it.


Quite a few Sketchup team plugins show as incompatible.


You’re right. I’ll kindly prod them to update.


I am using OSX 10.11.3 on my iMac and SketchUp Make 16.0. When I try to install sketchup-stl-2.1.6.rbz by double clicking on the rbz icon nothing happens. On the list of export formats menu the STL format does not show up in SketchUp. What am doing wrongly.


That’s not how to install an extension! Open the preferences window in SketchUp, select the extensions panel, and click the “install extension” button. It will open a file explorer in which you select the rbz you want to install (do not put the rbz itself into SketchUp’s plugins folder, that’s what the installer will do).


Or click Window->Extension Warehouse, find the SketchUp STL extension, sign in, install. Just tried it on 10.11.3 and it worked for me.