[URGENT] STL file for 3D printing

Hi, need help.

after I downloaded the Sketchup STL File from Extension warehouse, it appears as sketchup-stl-2.1.4.rbz. and I can’t open it.
I need to export it so that I can 3D print it.

can someone help ?

You need to install the RBZ file you downloaded into SU. In SU, go to Window > Preferences > Extensions. Click on Install extension button. SU will unzip the RBZ file and install its contents into the correct place.

After the extension is installed you should be able to export a STL file through File > Export STL.

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Since SU2013 it’s easier to install from within Extension Warehouse - otherwise you have to install manually:

I installed the extension. BUT… Sketchup crashes every time I attempt to import anything useful. Making files to export is ok… ish? but attempting to reload useful files is not working. Sketchup is just garbage for what I need to do.

give an example [a link] to a file your having trouble importing and maybe you’ll get some useful advice…

many users have good success, but it really depends on understanding the source file…

have you been able to import the file with any other program?

I have never found a valid stl file I couldn’t import by some method…


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