SketchUp 2016 DMG installer looks weird



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Heya @whozitwhatzit,

Does the Finder window look like this by chance?

If so, that’s because Finder is configured on your computer to view hidden files. In this case, you should be able to scroll up in the window to see the SketchUp 2016 folder and the Applications folder. If you don’t want Finder to show hidden files, open a Terminal window and type…

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool NO

…then restart Finder…

killall Finder

If the installer Finder window doesn’t look like the image I uploaded, feel free to upload a screenshot of what you’re seeing.


it was similar enough that i checked it out and scrolled down and was able to install. Unfortunately, 2016 doesn’t work in 10.8.5 (my current system), just 10.9 and above. Not sure i am ready to upgrade to the newest Apple OS. (I’ve used Mavericks before on another computer, but only thing available currently is one i am not so sure of.) Thanks for all of your help.


You may also have to kill Core Foundation Preferences Daemon, because it caches preferences: killall cfprefsd

cfprefsd will be automatically started, but clear your cache.


Ah, yes! A fine point that didn’t register with me. My apologies.