New to SketchUp...Help! Anyone encounter these windows popping up after opening SketchUp on a Mac?

How do I fix it? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and the same thing happens.

No, that’s a big series of .pdf files, it looks like maybe some files relating to SketchUp and the tools, but it’s essentially a bunch of pictures and not the program.

How did you install SketchUp and how are you opening it? Your profile says windows but that’s clearly not the case.

Yes, I’m trying to help a student who has a Mac…waiting for a response from them about your questions.

Are they trying to install SketchUp Pro? Do they have a subscription?

the proper installer is downloaded here:

open the disk image and drag the SketchUp folder icon into the applications folder icon next to it.

No students can download SketchUp Pro for 55$ from Creation Engine for one year and no license is needed.

The PDFs you showed are inside the SketchUp application package. Mac applications are really folders with a special name. If SketchUp has had its name changed from to just SketchUp, any of the internal files might end up being opened by mistake.

Do a Get Info on SketchUp (in Applications/SketchUp 2021) and see if it has the .app extension.

Thx. I’ll have them look and get back to you!

The download page of Create engine probably is the same as the ‘commercial’ download page, once a student goes to the AMP, the only difference is the plan.

There is no ‘special’ educational SketchUp, only the apps they have access to (Sefaira) and the terms of use are different (no commercial usage)

There are two platforms, the download for Windows is <300MB the one for Mac exceeds 1.2GB.
That’s because beside the two accompanying apps LayOut and StyleBuilder, it holds all the available languages and some code to distinguish the two Mac platforms, intel based and M1.

Patience is required, while downloading, installing, controling and finally opening.

Students can get nervous when nothing happens and start clicking anything that moves…

Good to know. The student watch a YouTube video and was able to fix it.

It would be very useful to know what Youtube video they watched to find the solution.

Ok, so it was just a case of incorrect installation.