Where is the SketchUp Make application on my Mac

Hi, I am new to SketchUp. I downloaded SketchUp Make 2016 onto my Mac with OS X 10.6.8. I realise now I need an older version, I can deal with that. But… I can not find the application anywhere on my computer. If I search in Finder, all I get are two copies of the .dmg disk image. I can click on that, and a SketchUp window opens - OK except that it doesn’t work. I want to delete it all and start over, but the application is nowhere to be found. Not in Applications. Not in Library / Application Support. I know it’s there, possibly even twice. Any ideas?

How did you install SketchUp? When you open the dmg it should open a dialog with icons for SketchUp and the Applications folder. You install by dragging the SU icon across to the Applications icon in the dialog (this is pretty conventional Mac OS X install process). Afterward, eject the dmg - you are finished with it. Then the app should appear in the /Applications folder. Never run the copy you see in the mounted (i.e. not ejected) dmg itself, as it is not set up correctly.

On rereading, I see you are on 10.6.8, which is no longer supported by SketchUp. No doubt the install failed as a result, and SU actually isn’t installed anywhere on your Mac. You can just delete the dmg’s.

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