I need help opening files in mac pro and SU 2017

Although I have 2 SU version 2017 on my desktop I keep getting asked to put it into applications. I cannot seem to do this. I have saved projects in my documents folder. Somehow I have been able to open them in the past but it is always a struggle. Any simple method to keep the SU program available and easy to access?

I don’t quite understand what you describe. The correct place to install SketchUp is in the Applications folder, which is what is offered by the installation dmg (drag the SketchUp icon in the installer onto the Applications folder icon in the installer). If you are trying to drag it somewhere else, you may be making a mess!

To have SketchUp readily at hand, just add it to the Dock: start SketchUp, right-click the icon in the Dock, select the Options submenu and then check “Keep in Dock”. Then when you close SketchUp the icon will remain in the Dock and you can launch SketchUp by clicking it. This is the same as for any other application, not something special about SketchUp.

I think what he is trying to say is he has two installations of SU 2017 on his computer

Which begs the question “why would you do that?”