Sketch Up '22 Freezing After Importing an Object from 3D Warehouse

Hey there skilled people,

I’m new to SketchUp and learning the ropes. (Especially the nitty gritty technical ropes!)

I’m working on a brand new 2022 14" macOS Monterey in the process of rendering a simple interior floor plan for my experiential design portfolio and everything has been good until now. I’ve built the structure and am now furnishing it. A few pieces of furniture have been successfully imported from the 3D warehouse but now, when I try to add more elements, the whole program freezes into the spinny wheel of death once I try to transform the object.

I’ve tried purging it and it’s still happening.

Please let me know what else I can do to trouble shoot? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

What is the component you’re trying to import? How large is your SketchUp project file? Can you share the file so we can see what you’re working with?


Thank you for such a quick reply.

I encountered the issue trying to import a side table and tree – both about 1MB.

See project file attached.

WoH_3Drendering~.skp (1.3 MB)

The file you shared is the backup copy. I wonder if it’s the same as your working file.

Which side table and which tree specifically?

I would suggest before you go much further with this project that you go through the training exercises at One thing that sticks out in your model in its state here is that none of your geometry is grouped. That will cause you issues as you move forward.

The backup copy is the “recovered” one? That’s what I’ve been working in so I think it they’re the same since this is the most recently opened.

Below are the objects I’ve tried to import with no luck.
[Ficus Tree](https:// Trimble Identity)
[Side Table](https:// Trimble Identity)

I don’t know anything about grouping objects in this program yet so thank you for flagging that! I just went in and started building. Thanks for suggesting the training courses–I’m going to definitely go through them, learn what I can, and apply it to this project!

Can you check if what I talked about in this post applies to you?:

Short version is, if you open the Colors palette and select any materials set other than Colors in Model, does the import still happen slowly?