SketchUp Pro Freezing when downloading any product directly into the model from 3d warehouse


My SketchUp is freezing, giving me the spinning wheel of death once I download anything into the model directly from the 3D warehouse.
I have a brand new Laptop and was using it for about 3 hours before this started happening, downloading it straight into the model and it was working fine.
I have started to download a product from the warehouse onto my desktop and then into the model and it worked fine. - however it is time consuming.

Can someone help me out please

Download anything?
Since you say you downloaded, supposedly another, product, I’m guessing that it’s not really unable to download anything.
Try downloading something else, perhaps the model that you have download takes up multiple MBs.

Yes literally anything. I have tried bringing the sizes down too on the items I have downloaded.
It does it even on a singular light switch…
Im not sure why! Does anyone have any idea on how I can try and figure this out?
But like I said, If I download it to my desktop and then bring it into the model by importing it from the desktop it would go in fine without any lagging or freezing.

Share the SketchUp model you are trying to import the objects to.

Many people have seen this, and I still don’t know what the cause is. For now, when you get asked if you want to download the model into your main model, choose No. You can then save the model as its own SKP file. That will happen very quickly.

Open the downloaded model and check for any issues. Also get rid of any parts of it that you don’t need. At the very least, explode the component, if it shows as one component. Copy everything, then go into your main model and do a paste. You could then take what you pasted and create a new component.

My best idea at the moment is that the component being downloaded is clashing with existing components, and it takes a long time for that to get resolved. Doing the steps I suggested should make sure it isn’t clashing, and won’t take long to try.

When you install a new OS on Mac, it defaults to syncing the desktop and documents folder automatically with iCloud. Especially the upload speed is important of your internet connection. Along with autosave settings, this can cause delay’s. SketchUp needs to check the ‘in model’ collection for existing materials and component definitions, the larger the model, the longer it takes. Purging helps, [menu] Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge unused

Turning of iCloud Syncing in Apple’s System Preferences will help even better, but it takes some discipline in the way you organise your files and folders!

Best practise is to have an extra empty file open and download stuf there, cleanup stuf and get rid of unwanted.