SketchUp Pro/ program freezes when trying to download ANY component from 3D warehouse!

Landscape Designer here- I have an active Sketch Up Pro subscription and no matter what file I am working on- the program just freezes (spinning wheel/ MAC user) when I try to download ANY component from the 3D warehouse and I have to force quit and start all over. I don’t know why this is happening and can not figure it out. Any thoughts???

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says you are using 2017 Make.

Does SketchUp quit responding when you download a component into an other wise empty file?

What components do this specifically?

What happens if you download a component from the Warehouse using your internet browser? Can you import it into your Sketchup model with no problem?

It might be relevant or not, but what version of macOS are you running - your forum profile just says “mac”. You can find out by clicking the apple icon in the top menu bar and choosing “About this Mac”. Once you find out, please update your profile, as this info sometimes is important for analyzing an issue.

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I have an active Sketch Up Pro account that I’m running/ should be the 2022 up to date version. I work on my MacBook Pro OS Catilina version 10.15.7

Doesn’t matter what component or how I try to download either from the internet browser window or the Component window- freezes every time.

I’ll look at my profile and update that so that it reflects the correct info thanks!

So SketchUp 2021? SketchUp 2022 hasn’t been released yet.

Even in a blank SketchUp file?

What happens if you try to import this component into SketchUp?
Sample component.skp (19.2 KB)

I opened your component and copy and pasted into my drawing no problem. I don’t know how to “import” it another way?


So give an example of a component you are trying to get from the 3D Warehouse.

I should be running the latest version Sketch Up Pro- I pay for it lol!

Just says ‘Sketch Up Pro 2021’

Then that would be 2021.

Not only can I not access the 3d warehouse thru internet browser or the Component window, I can not seem to open some older files either…

That has been on ongoing issue I have not been able to get resolved!

Sorry- any type of component/ doesn’t matter won’t import and just freezes. Plants, outdoor furniture, small lighting fixture, outdoor rug, pillows, people, whatever. Does not matter- once I try to download the component the wheel starts spinning and locks up/ freezes.

This sounds different than what you reported earlier. If you can’t access the 3D Warehouse via your Internet Browser, you might want to look at your internet service or the browser you are using. SketchUp wouldn’t be involved if you are just going to the Warehouse in your browser.

I CAN seem to copy and paste components across my files, that’s not neccesarily an issue. It’s when I try to download a component from 3D warehouse into my drawings… whether I’m using the internet browser 3d warehouse, OR the Component window 3d warehouse.

There is an issue we know about, where downloading a component into an existing scene can take a long time on some Macs. I can use the same file and download the same component, and not have a problem. We still don’t fully understand what is going on.

But, when you do the download and you’re asked if you want to download into the current model, choose No. Then you can download the model as its own file. After it is downloaded, open that file, and clean up anything that is wrong, then copy only what you really need, and paste into your working model.

Well that’s the problem- I’m just trying to download a component into a model I’m working on and then it freezes/ No matter what component I’m trying to download. And this has been doing to this for months I’m just not getting around to trying to figure it out.

I don’t know how to download the model as it’s own file, or “Clean up anything that is wrong” ??

I used to be able to download components straight into the model I was working on with no problem- for years! It was so easy. Then I purchases Sketch Up PRO and started having this issues for the first time. I should be able to download a component straight into the model drawing I’m working on??

When you’re asked if you want to download into the current model, if you choose No, you end up getting the model as its own file, and it will download and open quickly.

Yes, downloading a model into your current document should work, and it will work, but in your case you need to give it a lot of time. I mean, many minutes.

If you still have 2019 installed, or if you want to download that version, it seemed not to have the problem. You could use 2019 solely for downloading models from 3D Warehouse, then take the ones you like into your 2021 model.

By the way, we did make a change that will be in the next SketchUp update, that may help to solve the problem. I can’t tell you when that will be ready, but when it is it would be interesting to see if it fixes things for you.