Mac Freezing when I try to import from 3D warehouse

Hello everyone! I am a new user. I just completed my sketchup course. I was at the tail end of completing a model. Then sketchup froze as i was importing a sliding glass door. Ever since then (2 days ago) i have not been able to continue my project. It freezes every time I try to import from 3D warehouse.
Please, can someone help???

I have seen this happen a few times recently. Still haven’t worked out what the problem is, though I have some ideas.

A workaround to get the model from the 3D Warehouse is to download the model into a new document, but even then it may take a long time to copy and paste the component into your main file.

Something that does solve the problem is to use SketchUp 2019. You have a subscription, and could use 2019 instead of 2020. Here is the 2019 installer:

In 2020, open your current model and choose File/Save As, and save it as a 2019 file, then continue working on the file in 2019.

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I will try what you’ve suggested. Thank you so much for your help. I’ll keep u posted once it’s done if it was successful. Do you believe that SketchUp will resolve this problem soon? Do u think it’s just a matter of new Apple/ Catalina update not being compatible with SketchUp 2020?

I have tried to reproduce the problem with a customer’s file, and although I could watch it going wrong on a screen share, I wasn’t able to make it go wrong for me, even with downloading the same component into the same file.

One of my theories is to do with component collections. Do you have your own custom component collections?

I don’t. I’m still too new at this to have collections :woman_facepalming:t4: All that being said, I was told that i should create favorite folders instead of collections as SketchUp is removing components from users collections that don’t belong to them…
I currently don’t have any favorites set up yet either.